The Structure of Circle K International

There are four levels of CKI: club, division, district, and international.



Club Level

The original grassroots of our organization, the club is the first level of CKI and is the foundation of everything you see at your home club. This is the heart of CKI, where we gather members and organize service, leadership, and fellowship events for members to partake in. Each club has their own system of electing their leaders to lead and guide them throughout the year.

A list of our active clubs can be found here.


Division Level

The next level we find is the division level. The divisions consist of a group of clubs that are overseen by a single Lieutenant Governor that is elected during District Convention (DCON). Each division has their own unique theme and are organized in a way where schools are relatively close to each other (and based on the Kiwanis divisions).


District Level

Moving up, we see that CKI is divided into larger groups called districts. These districts can range in many shapes, such as a combination of states, provinces, countries, or even a single state! The importance of a district is to develop and maintain clubs within the specified region.

The district board of officers can be found here.


International Level

The last and largest level is the international level. Here at the international level, they focus on much larger issues and evaluate various strategies to support the organization. Here is where they develop the service initiative, set the policies, and advise or educate the districts. The international board assists each governor in managing the district level of CKI, and annually the council of Governors meet with the international board of trustees to discuss the organization.

The Circle K International website can be found here.