Hey there CNH!

The 2019-2020 District Kiwanis Family and Foundation committee is happy to present CNH Circle K’s annual Kiwanis Family Month. The Kiwanis Family consists of so many branches for people of all ages from K-kids all the way to Kiwanis, and this month shows how those different branches come together!

Today, we will be spotlighting two very important members of Kiwanis! It’s Timothy Cunning and Dan Germain!

Tim Cunning serves 2019-2020 CNH Kiwanis District Governor. As a member of the Kiwanis Youth Development & Support Club of North San Diego, Tim abides by the Kiwanis theme of “Ignite your passion” by engaging in service, fun, and SLP with all members in the Kiwanis Family! He also enjoys serving as a mentor to the youth, as he has been an advisor for region 2 in CNH Key Club since 2014.

Dan Germain is the Executive Director of the Kiwanis Family House. He helps the Kiwanis Family House mission, which is to provide temporary housing for families who are seriously ill or injured. It also happens to be one of CNH’s current DFI’s! Finally, he happily serves as the regional advisor for our friends up north in Capital!

If you ever see Tim or Dan at any Kiwanis Family-related event, make sure to thank them for keeping CNH sunny!

Timothy Cunning

Dan Germain