Text Description: California, Nevada, Hawaii District Circle K Week 2020 September 7th through September 13th.

Let’s grow CNH!

    This week on the Sunspot, I wanted to highlight the CNH Circle K Week 2020, which will be happening from September 7th – September 13th!

    This week-long event focuses on highlighting and reflecting the CNH Circle K Members, through Social Media throwbacks that correspond with themed days throughout the week! Each post that is made will be considered as an entry into a weeklong raffle that the CNH Communications & Marketing Committee has prepared!
    This year, we hope that you are ready to return to your ROOTS, and SPROUT into the new term – as we em-BARK on the journey of CNH Circle K Week 2020. From the towering REDWOODS to the smallest FERNS, this week will GROW to new heights and show how many (TREE) RINGS CNH has!

    For the Facebook Event Page, Check Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/989271951520705/

    For details of the week, continue reading:


    Throughout the week, be sure to post your pictures on a PUBLIC Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag ‘#CNHCKI’ to ensure that members of the CNH Communications & Marketing Committee can mark your entries for the raffle (Prize: TBD).


Memory Monday | September 7th
    THROW IT BACK – to the times in Circle K that made the most impact on you. On Memory, Monday, be sure to post about memories in the past that stuck with you throughout your time in Circle K, and let us know why this was one of your favorite moments in Circle K!


Tenet Tuesday | September 8th
    TAKE ROOT – to represent the three tenets that lay the foundation for every and all Circle K moments: Fellowship, Leadership & Service. On Tenet Tuesday, represent what tenet you love the most, and why, while making sure to highlight your favorite event from each of the three tenets that you have ever experienced!


Wellness Wednesday | September 9th
    DON’T LEAF OUT – the most important part of everyone’s life, wellness! On Wellness Wednesday, highlight how you check in with yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle through your favorite Physical, Mental, or Social wellness activity!


Thank you, Thursday | September 10th
    SHOUT OUT – those who you are the most thankful for from your journey through Circle K! On Thank you Thursday, be sure to highlight a person, group, club, event, whatever, that has made a positive and meaningful impact on your CKI Journey!


Film It Friday | September 11th
    TIK TOK – on the clock, because we want you to submit videos that represent your journey throughout Circle K! On Film It Friday, create or post a video that has represented your CKI journey that includes the various experiences you’ve had, friends made, and more!


Spirit Saturday | September 12th
    FLEX IT – and by it, we mean your club, division, or district merch! On Spirit, Saturday, post yourself in your Spirit Wear from any level of CKI and show off to the world your CKI Spirit!


Spotlight Sunday | September 13th
    SHINE BRIGHT – by spotlighting the moment that changed it all for you. On Spotlight Sunday, be sure to showcase the CKI Moment that showed you that you were in the right club!


    The CNH District Communications & Marketing Committee is excited to see all of your CKI Week Posts! If you have any questions about the week, be sure to contact C&M Chair Joshua Ranario (cm@cnhcirclek.org) or C&M Social Media Chair(s) Ricky Sparrow & Miyu Noguchi (socialmedia.cnhcki@gmail.com).

Yours in Passion & Service
Aaron Piña
20/21 External Relations Chair


Ps. I know the puns were very ugly and for that i’m sorry.