“Circle K International is the world’s largest student-led collegiate service organization.”

  Today I wanted to focus on how Circle K International is TRULY international, as the global leaders in service, leadership, and fellowship! Circle K International is made up of over 17 nations across the globe, ranging from Asia to South America and even further! For some background on the history of Circle K – since its official conception in 1947, it wasn’t until 1970 that the first club outside of North America was started. However, the first club to officially charter outside of Canada and the United States wasn’t until 1977 at the University of the Bahamas. This year marked an exponential growth and spread of Circle K into a TRULY international organization, as the number of nations that Circle K was located began to grow steadily each year. Today, we have districts, and districts-in-formation all over the world, and growing each day, month, and year!

Check out the International Map of Circle K!

Circle K International Map Graphic, Highlighting all of the countries that Circle K is currently in.

Speaking of…

  Just as we have leadership at the club, division, and district level, we also have leaders at our International level who are working to improve the CKI through operational aspects but also work to expand to the various corners of the globe – while supporting clubs who may be the first of their kind in the community, town, city, state or even country.

  The International board Is made up of the International President (IP), International Vice President (IVP), and eight International Trustees (IT)! This board also appoints chairs for the specific international committees that work toward the development of Circle K International in various areas, including International Expansion! 

  For descriptions of the current International Committees:


CKIx Planning

    The purpose of the committee shall be to plan and execute CKIx, which consists of the Day of Service and international convention for Circle K International. 


Finance (Ad-Hoc)

    The purpose of the International Finance Ad-Hoc Committee is to look at the financial background of CKI by generating resources relating to finances analytically looking at alternative dues structures and revenue sources, budgeting, and fundraising for clubs, districts, and international. 


Research & Development

    The purpose of the Research and Development Committee is to research ways CKI can improve as a modern organization.


Governing Docs & Awards

    The purpose of the Governing Documents and Awards committee is to review the Circle K International Policy Code and Bylaws and ensure the international awards process runs smoothly. This will help ensure these documents and awards are accurate and reflect the vision of our organization.


Kiwanis Family Relations

    The purpose of the International Kiwanis Family Relations Committee is to focus on improving the relationships between CKI and other branches of the Kiwanis family. 


Membership Development & Education

    The Membership Committee will focus on membership development and education of current and potential new members to assist in organization growth. The committee will also collaborate with district counterparts.



    The purpose of the International Service Committee is to focus on the Service Initiatives of CKI, the Tomorrow Fund, the WASH Project, and CKI Preferred Charities and Service Partners.


Global Development

    The purpose of the International Development Committee is to improve global relations while expanding Circle K International into areas outside of the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean to become a truly global organization. The focus will be to build and strengthen Circle K International clubs and to create a solid foundation for international clubs through the use of membership development education, outreach, and marketing tactics.


    Want to get more involved? Now is your chance! The International Committee Member Applications are open until 9:00AM PST / 12:00PM EST / 6:00AM HST on September 11th! Be sure to apply on the Committee Member Application

    I hope you learned a little more about how Circle K is TRULY international, and be sure to check back soon for more highlights on (Circle K) International!


Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair