Hello Hello! 

  Today marks the official start of Circle K International Week 2020! This week highlights all of the amazing aspects of Circle K, while we work to engage with our broader international community of Circle K Members! 

  Each day, Circle K International will be celebrating Circle K through various social media & tenet based activities, so be sure to join in on the fun and show off to the world why you #ChooseCKI!  

Graphic describing CKI Week 2020 and each day

  For a list of Daily Events & ways that you can be involved, keep reading: 

Day 1 | #ChooseCKI | October 12

  Today is all about sharing YOUR story about why you #ChooseCKI! Take the time to reflect and post on social media about why you joined Circle K, and encourage all of your members to tell one new person about Circle K! 

  Want to post during #ChooseCKI? Check out these Graphics created by Circle K International!

  Looking for more to do? Try out these activities: 

  • Work alongside university social media to get your club out there! 
  • Host Social Media Lives to show others what Circle K Is all about!
  • Start a social media campaign that encourages members to tell their followers why they #ChooseCKI 
  • Work with other on-campus organizations to host fellowship events together & recruit new members to Circle K!

Day 2 | Random Acts of Kindness | October 13

  Random Acts of Kindness challenges Circle K Members to do one (or more) thing(s) that brighten, lighten, or help someone’s day! Whether it be buying someone a cup of coffee, or volunteering your time with an organization, any action will make a lasting impact on someone’s day or life! 

  Also, be sure to share out your and other acts of kindness that may be going on, all while promoting Circle K to your followers on social media! 

  For a list of Random Acts that you can do, check out the list provided by CKI

Day 3 | Lead with Love | October 14

  Leadership is a key part of Circle K, and one of our tenets, which brings us to Lead With Love! Focus on providing leadership opportunities for members (New, Returning, and Prospective) and show the ways that Circle K has developed YOU as a compassionate leader. 

  For ideas on how to incorporate leadership into your club and throughout the week, check out this document! 

  But DON’T stop there! Leadership extends even further into professional development and beyond! Wondering how? Check out presentations provided by Circle K International about topics on: 

  • LinkedIn – How to incorporate Circle K on your profile!
  • Interviews – What can we do to prepare for an Interview in the real world? 
  • Networking – Want to gain new connections in the field of your choice? Learn more about networking in Circle K! 
  • Resume Building – How do you incorporate Circle K on your resume? We got your back! 

Day 4 | Find Your Family | October 15

  We have all found at least one person or group that we call family in Circle K, well today is all about providing the opportunity for members to find their family within Circle K! Hosting Socials that brings members together is an easy and vital part of every Circle K Members journey in Circle K! 

  Check out effective event planning and ideas provided by Circle K International! 

  Need some more ideas? Try these: 

  • Member Mixer
  • Among Us Night
  • Movie Night
  • Interclub Event (Within University Clubs or Other Circle K Clubs)

Day 5 | Strive to Serve | October 16

  Meaningful and Impactful service has become a focus for many clubs in Circle K – Strive to Serve encourages each of the members of Circle K to critically engage with possible service organizations that your club can partner and serve. Focusing on impactful service that best serves your community will create a lasting and important conversation for your club and others to join in on events that they feel connected to! 

  For service resources, Check these out:

Day 6 | CKI Day of Action | October 17

  We end off the week with a call to action for Circle K Members all over the world! The CKI day of action encourages clubs to take on activities that embody the tenets of Circle K to engage the community, members, and the world through Service, Leadership, and Fellowship! 

  For a guide to the CKI Day of Action.

  Looking for more ideas? Check these out:

  •  Service
    • Dog Toy Making
    • Park Clean Ups
    • Letters for Literacy
    • Election Poll Working
  • Leadership
  • Fellowship
    • Jackbox
    • Discord Hide & Seek 
    • Photo Challenge (From Home) 
    • Show & Tell Night

  We hope that you engage with Circle K Week 2020 and encourage your members to do the same. Be sure to tag @Circlekintl & @cnhcirclek and use the hashtags: #CNHCirclek, #ChooseCKI, & #WhyICKI to be featured!


  Happy CKI Week CNH!


Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair