What’s Up CNH? 

  Yesterday, Crazy Kompetition for Infants was hosted for the very first time ONLINE! Bringing over 100+ members from schools all over the California – Nevada – Hawaii District to compete, we had fun while contributing to the largest fundraiser for the Pediatric Trauma Program that is hosted by CNH Circle K each year! 

  With the event being online this year, Schools from all over CNH Circle K were able to join on and compete to see who would win the title of Crazy Komp Champion – and no longer limited by the geographic boundaries. The Finance & Fundraising Committee, chaired by District Treasurer Dimaposac, planned and executed the entire event with the aid of various District Board members as judges to give the most lifelike experience as possible. 

  This year, with over 26 teams, the CNH Circle K District was able to raise over $600+ for the teams participating ALONE – with donations still be accepted throughout the term, and by those who joined online during various live streams. 

  Want to see what you missed? Check out the Live Stream on the CNH Circle K Youtube

  After the primary rounds, that consisted of an escape room, QWOP racing, speed typing, Wikipedia scavenger hunt, and more — the semifinals brought the top four teams from the day to face off for Circle K/PTP themed trivia! This year the Lazy Lunas (UC Berkeley), Lilian’s Fan Club (CSULB), Quaran-Team (CSULB), & G-Dragon (UNR) faced off for a tight game of jeopardy, where the top three teams were selected to move on to the final set of questions, featuring: Lazy Lunas (UC Berkeley), Lilian’s Fan Club (CSULB), & G-Dragon (UNR)! 

  After a heated competition of speed and knowledge, the winners of Crazy Kompetition for Infants 2020 is….


From the University of Nevada, Reno, Team G-Dragons! 

Picture of Team G-Dragon on zoom with backgrounds that include K-Pop star g-Dragon

Pictured: Gary Nguyen, Phoebe Fagoaga, Wei Deng, Germaine Acacio, Ivan Lau, & Britney Guillermo


  This team consisted of new & returning members to the University of Nevada Circle K, and displayed the tenets of Circle K throughout! 

  Check out what G-Dragon Gary had to say about his experience at Crazy Komp: 

  “It was so great getting to come together and bond with members of CKI during Crazy Komp yesterday. We had so much fun getting to know each other better doing the process and getting to meet CKI members from other districts. We made the most of the weird situation we were in and had an amazing time while also donating to a great cause.”

  This event was wholly planned and executed by the CNH District Finance & Fundraising Committee, so if you see any of them around – be sure to shout them out and thank them for all of their hardworking throughout this event! 

  Check out a statement from District Treasurer Brandon: 

   “A huge thank you to the 26 teams from all across the district who competed in the first ever district wide and online Crazy Kompetition for Infants and to the many members who tuned in on our livestream! Your registration fees/donations will support the Pediatric Trauma Program in providing grants to Kiwanis clubs/SLPs, child safety items for families in need, and grants to partner hospitals in order to prevent avoidable childhood accidents and injuries. I cannot express how grateful I am to both the Finance & Fundraising Committee as well as the District Board for their support. Crazy Komp would not have been possible without them and without all of you!”

   With that, on behalf of the CNH District, we hope that you had an amazing experience at Crazy Komp 2020, and we hope that you join in on the experience next year (whether online or in-person)! 

  O and one more thing… HOPE THAT YOU ALL “SEIZED YOUR MOMENT” TO JOIN IN ON THE FUN AT FALL TRAINING CONFERENCE 2020! We can’t wait to see you all there! 


Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair