Howdy CNH! 

    We hope that you had an amazing time Seizing the Moment at Fall Training Conference 2020! Although it wasn’t the normal weekend at Old Oak Ranch – the Fall Training Conference committee spent tireless nights over the last few months to bring you the largest event of the CNH District, so far! 

    Don’t know what I’m talking about? Fall Training Conference 2020 – following the theme of “Seize the Moment” brought members together from all over the California, Nevada, and Hawaii District of Circle K International to — compete in friendly competition in a variety of teams (such as the Forget-Me-Nots, the Throwback Thursdays, and our FTC 2020 Winning Team the Recollections), attend various workshops curated by the FTC Workshop Chairs and ‘simp’ over the memories we have had, or will have, while in Circle K! 

    This year, Fall Training Conference 2020 was held completely online, in a hybrid of YouTube Premieres & Zoom meetings, which you can still view on the CNH Circe K YouTube: 


    My-Thy Nguyen, a first-time attendee from Sacramento State, reflects on the opportunity and memories she made over the weekend:

With the unfortunate circumstances of 2020, the FTC committee and those involved really pulled through with making this event virtual. With this being my first year at FTC, it definitely turned into a memorable experience for me and other new members. The workshops were very informative and team-bonding had to be my favorite part. I can’t wait for what FTC has in store next year and I have no doubt that it will be just as amazing, if not more!

    Fall Training Conference Committee Member, Ricardo Aficial, reminisces on his time on the FTC Committee:

From the FTC Committee and I, thank you everyone for seizing YOUR moment and attending FTC 2020 this weekend! I’m so glad you all enjoyed everything we had to offer this year, from the general sessions, to workshops, team activities, campfires, nighttime activities, the DJ, and everything in between! We worked tirelessly in offering the best possible online FTC and it make me happy knowing everyone had such a blast. As we loaded our last bit of film together, I’m happy to see you all create new memories with each other. Reflect on your moments this past weekend, and remember to seize your moment ❤️

    CNH District Governor, Katherine Hoang, shared her thoughts on FTC 2020 – reflecting on her pride for the district and the FTC Committee: 

For the past six months, the FTC 2020 committee has dedicated their entire summer and fall semesters to planning this event. It is a surreal experience to see their ideas come to fruition and to fall in love with the district all over again! I am beyond proud of them and our community for how you all consistently show up for each other and for the greater good. 
For now and forever, go seize your moment!

    Fall Training Conference Chair, Aaron Lee, provides the hopes he had for this event and for the members who attended: 

Fall Training Conference 2020 is an indescribable experience. Words can’t truly express the impact this event has on everyone and it truly impacted my life. I hope everyone who attended this event treasures this in their heart as much as I do.


SOME Team Spotlights

Forget Me Nots team with hearts on Zoom Call

Forget Me Nots 

'Photobombers' holding hearts up


"Unforgettables" on a polaroid picture



    But wait that’s not all! 

    Be sure to check out the Fall Training Conference website that has the shop (selling the Fall Training Conference Spirit Pack & Select Clubs and Division march), as well as the 2020 Program and more! 

    Fall Training Conference 2020 focused on memories new and old and implores you to Seize the Moment this term! See you at DCON 2020 CNH! 


Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair