What’s Crack-a-Lackin CNH? 

    I hope you all are looking forward to the CLEAR SKIES and WARM WEATHER that’s in our forecast in the coming months because it’s DCON Season! 


Graphic that advertises the District Convention 2021


    For those that don’t know what DCON is, or are experiencing District Convention for the first time, the end of the Circle K term for the club, division and district is marked by the District Convention for the CNH District! This is an annual event that recognizes the achievements of members, clubs, and divisions within a district and marking the end and beginning of terms! 

    This year, District Convention 2021 will be held online from March 19 to March 21, and will include a weekend full of workshops for personal development, special guests, and DJs as well as elections for the 2021 – 2022 District Board! There will be a hybrid of both YouTube live streams, as well as zoom sessions to ensure that you can get the full DCON experience in the comfort of your own home! 

    This year, registration will only be $9 – which is a drastic contrast to past Conventions for those returning to their second or even last DCON. There will also be an option for Seniors to be able to receive their stoles at home with an additional session to honors those who will be ending their Circle K Journey this District Convention! 

    During District Convention, elections for District officers will also occur – which means if you are interested in running for District Office, now is your time! More information on elections can be found on the DCON Website, with updates coming soon!

    Registration is now open, be sure to reach out to the District Convention Committee, or speak to your club leadership to register today! 

We hope to see you all at District Convention 2021: Forecasting Meaningful Service! 


Stay Sunny CNH! 

Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair