What’s The Tea CNH! 

    Now that August is underway, I am excited to bring the next installment of the #WhyICKI Campaign! This week, we travel to the desert sun of Desert Oasis! Meet, Max Rico

Picture of Max Rico

    Entering their 5th year into the Kiwanis Family, Max Rico hails from UC Riverside, where they have just graduated class of 2020! They majored in environmental science while there, and has had a CKI Experience that has been, as they put it – Transformative

    Previously, Max served in various positions, and has taken many leadership opportunities throughout their time in Circle K:

  • 2019-2020
    • Circle K at UCR Vice President of Administration
    • CKIx Planning Committee Member
  • 2018-2019
    • Subregion B International Trustee
    • CNH Sunburst Editor
    • International Marketing Committee Chair
    • International Marketing Committee Secretary
  • 2017-2018
    • Desert Oasis Lieutenant Governor
    • International Membership & Marketing Committee Member
  • 2016-2017
    • Circle K at UCR Newsletter Chair

To learn more about Max’s Story, keep reading: 

  • What was one moment in Circle K that let you know you were in the right club?


      • My Circle K moment happened at my first Fall Training Conference in 2015. I had only been to a few meetings and events with my home club and it was pretty great, but I just didn’t feel completely at home in CKI just yet. For this FTC, my club president at the time rented a 14-person van and I was able to bond with amazing people from my home club on the ride to and from Old Oak Ranch. At FTC itself, I interacted with CKI members not from UCR for the first time. I was blessed with an amazing team and team captain, as well as with tons of impactful activities that made me want to return to FTC every year since. New member induction, in particular, was highly impactful and made me finally feel truly at home within CKI. 

  • Who is one person that you looked up to, or has made an impact on your Circle K Journey?


      • I can write a book about the many Circle K members both older and younger than me who I have looked up to and who have had a tremendous impact on my journey. If I had to pick a single person to mention, though, it would be Kristy Dai, my CKI twin and one of the first people I met within the club. From the beginning, her passion and excitement inspired me to want to be more involved. We would eventually become very close friends and served on UCR’s appointed board together during our second year. Later on, we continued to support each other as she and I pursued different paths on the club, district, and international level. Kristy brought my Circle K and personal journeys countless moments and memories that have forever impacted me. Some of my favorite memories with Kristy involve baking cake, being elected/endorsed by our home club on the same night, partnering up for CKI South, road trips to FTC and Las Vegas events, and much more. I hope that any member reading this can find their own Kristy and/or become one for someone else :^) 

  • What is one piece of advice you would give to new members?


      • Regardless of your position, never stop being active in homeclub!

  • Any plans in the future in Circle K or the Kiwanis Family? 


    • Now that I’ve graduated, I hope to join a Kiwanis club in the near future and eventually go on to serve as an advisor to Circle K and/or Key Clubs close to wherever I end up living 🙂


Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair