Welcome to Communications & Marketing Committee’s Page!


The Communications & Marketing Committee maintains the public relations of CNH Circle K through multiple platforms. From district publications such as The Sunburst or SunnyTV (to name a few!) to ensuring a strong Social Media presence, this accumulation of 11 members provides a plethora of content for members to enjoy. As a multidisciplinary committee, our members come from many different backgrounds such as graphic design and journalism in order to provide a face to CNH! With all the effort the committee gives, be sure to follow CNH Circle K on social media and check out our publications!


Committee Members

Erica Wei

Communications & Marketing Chair

Sandra Cheng

Internal Relations Chair

Brennan Cain

External Relations Chair

Joshua Ranario

Publications Editor

Angela Chen

Social Media Coordinator

Nathan Dang


Ryan Yee


Garrett Moore

Graphic Designer

Anne Dang

Graphic Designer


Communications & Marketing