Welcome to Communications & Marketing Committee’s Page!


The Communications & Marketing Committee maintains the public relations of CNH Circle K through multiple platforms. From district publications such as The Sunburst or SunnyTV (to name a few!) to ensure a strong Social Media presence, this accumulation of 10 members provides a plethora of content for members to enjoy. As a multidisciplinary committee, our members come from many different backgrounds such as graphic design and journalism in order to provide a face to CNH! With all the effort the committee gives, be sure to follow CNH Circle K on social media and check out our publications!


Committee Members

Ricky Sparrow

Communications & Marketing Chair

Aaron PiƱa

Internal Relations Chair

Anne Thy Le

External Relations Chair

My-Thy Nguyen

Publications Editor

Angelina Moonswami

Social Media Coordinator

Elijah Camtugan


Jennelyn Quinto


Katelyn Lu

Graphic Designer

Shirley Wong

Graphic Designer


Communications & Marketing