Welcome to Fall Training Conference’s Committee Page!


The Fall Training Conference Committee plans and coordinates the District’s first large scale district-wide event of the year. Fall Training Conference is a three-day, two-night event held at Old Oak Ranch in which members of the CNH District come together to learn more about Circle K International, meet members from around the district, and develop as members and leaders within Circle K International. New and returning members alike have the opportunity to really see the impact our clubs make in this organization while also creating lifelong memories with one another. We hope you will join us in the mountains of Sonora, CA from November 1-3, 2019, as we immerse ourselves in the MYSTERY of a lifetime and celebrate the start of a new term!

Committee Members

Aaron Lee

Fall Training Conference Chair

Jason Liu

Creative Executive Assistant

Alicia Sieu

Logistics Executive Assistant

Kim Nguyen

Decorations (Backdrop)

Emily Yu

Decorations Chair (Centerpieces)

Garrett Moore

Graphics Chair

Miyu Noguchi

Graphics Chair

Shirley Wong

Technology Chair

Jimmy Tang

Sergeant-at-Arms Chair

Ricardo Aficial

Registration Chair

Mylan Ross

Campfire Skits & Talent Acts Chair

Sandra Vang

Entertainment & Dining Chair

Sergio Barrios

Workshops Chair

Jackie Vallo

Workshops Chair

Caden Tran

Team Activities Chair

Amy Kobayashi

Team Activities Chair

Nathan Dang

Media Chair


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