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January 5, 2017

Heyun Jeong
Heyun Jeong

Circle K Graphic Standards

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Free Font Downloods



Photoshop (pixel) vs. Illustrator (vector)

Photoshop (pixel)

  • Creates shapes formed by pixels
  • Loss of quality when zoomed in or resized
  • You should use this for:
    • editing/combining/retouching images, digital artwork, etc.

Illustrator (vector)

  • Creates points, lines, curves, shapes, and polygons formed by mathematical formulas/algorithms
    • used for art that needs to be displayed or printed at different sizes
    • basic shapes can be turned into detailed artwork with the use of gradients, opacity, and other techniques
  • Allows up to 6400x zoom/magnification
  • Allows for resizing with no pixelation or loss of quality
  • You should use this for:
    • anything you need to print, logos, text, cartoon artwork, web graphics (if they need to be resized), anything two dimensional/planar, etc.
    • Turn any image into a vector:



  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black)
  • subtractive color model (created by mixing colored dyes, inks, etc.)
  • Mainly used for printing
      • Colors generally stay truer to what is reflected on-screen
      • Printers use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink
  • You should use this for:
    • club t-shirts, flyers, etc.
    • anything that needs to be printed


  • Red, Green, and Blue
  • additive color (created by mixing colored light beams)
  • Mainly used for screen displays (computers, tablets, cameras, etc.)
    • These displays are all configured differently in terms of hardware and software, therefore colors may appear different across devices
    • You should use this for:
        • websites, emails, etc.
        • anything meant to solely be displayed on a screen

  • (You can still use RGB to print and CMYK on displays, but colors won’t turn out exactly how you want them if you print using RGB)




  • Web
  • When image is line drawing, text and iconic graphics at a small file size


  • Printing material
  • Storing photographs smaller than BMP