Someone asks, "How is Circle K different from Key Club?"

Emphasize that, although CKI and KCI are part of the same parent organization, KCI alumni have a lot to gain from joining CKI. There’s a lot more freedom in what you want to gain out of CKI whether it be in meaningful service projects, leadership opportunities, networking with people outside your major and even outside your school.

CKI tends to offer a lot more intimate environment, and the no-obligation approach allows members to choose what they want to attend. CKI can also offer a much more catered experience to what you want in college. At the same time, CKI gets unique resources from being a part of a parent organization, Kiwanis.

Someone is clearly uninterested or is rude

Let them go and don’t dwell on it! Remember to always be polite and respectful, even if they aren’t.

Someone asks, “What’s the difference between Circle K and Rotaract/Alpha Phi Omega/other service clubs?” or “Why should I join Circle K instead of other service clubs?

Mention the 3 Core Tenets (Service, Leadership, Fellowship), but let them know that we’re all working towards helping others and doing community service! It’s important to not be disrespectful towards other service clubs, and mention that clubs collaborate and have projects/socials together.

Emphasize that the decision completely up to them and that they should join the club that has the environment/atmosphere they feel the most comfortable in! Remind them that they’re allowed to check out all the clubs they’re interested in, and that they can join more than one club.

Someone wants to know more about service

Ask them about their interests. If there are any events related to their interests, let them know about the event or direct them to someone who knows more. If there aren’t, let them know that they can always suggest events and that someone will try and find events for them. Let them also know that Circle K tries to have events for a variety of interests. You can also tell them about Division Service Projects, District Large Scale Service Projects, and other service opportunities your club/division has!

Here are some helpful conversation starters:

  • “Interested in community service? We have a variety of events….”
  • “What kind of projects are you interested in - working with children, animals, etc?”
  • No obligations or quota to fulfill
  • Important to stress the passion for service that this club has, over leadership development and socializing. The latter two are complements to service.

Someone wants to know more about leadership

Tell them about the opportunities they have to get involved, such as being on board, being a family head, being a mentor, or any leadership opportunities your club offers. Also let them know that they have opportunities to develop their leadership skills on a divisional and district level.

Here are some possible responses or conversation starters: 

  • “Leadership is not limited to board members, there are committees available for all members to join..."
  • "People are free to suggest events they want and make the changes they want to see.”
  • "We have different committees oriented towards event planning, fundraising, website, etc..."

Someone wants to know more about fellowship

Let them know about the family system, mentor and mentee system, big and little system, or other fellowship systems within your club. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about socials and your own experience about bonding and making friends within the club/Circle K International!

  • “We host a variety of socials from laser tag, beach trips, ….”
  • “Each member is placed into a family….”
  • “There’s something about having someone to lean on and talk to anything about. If you sign up to be a mentee….”