Hello, CNH Circle K!


Welcome back from District Convention 2019 held in Riverside, CA! I hope everyone had a wonderful experience spending time with old and new friends alike, learned a lot of new things from workshop, felt exhilarated waiting for our 2019-2020 District Board leaders, and also felt a bit more lighter after the awards that were distributed. This post is part one of the recognition recap that I have compiled together.


Membership Recognition Program

The following individuals have been sorted by divisions in tiers and were recognized for their outstanding service and attendance in events.


Capital Division
Julianna Barker, CSU Sacramento
Andy Chhoun, CSU Sacramento
Roselyn Duong, CSU Sacramento
Ana Espinosa, CSU Sacramento
Ralph Gamboa, CSU Sacramento
Amber Morales, CSU Sacramento
Ivince Pajarin, CSU Sacramento
Zahin Rahman, CSU Sacramento
Gloria Rodriguez, CSU Sacramento
Kenneth Rojas, CSU Sacramento
Lucas Saechao, CSU Sacramento
Aric Sparrow, CSU Sacramento
Christina Talioga, CSU Sacramento
Ashley Vang, CSU Sacramento
Dante Lustan, Folsom Lake College
Marc Magpily, Folsom Lake College
Jonathan Amaral, San Joaquin Delta College
Kari Cao, San Joaquin Delta College
Mbugua Munyutu, San Joaquin Delta College
Omar Afzal, University of California, Davis
Andy Alba, University of California, Davis
Alicia Ayala, University of California, Davis
Megan Dinh, University of California, Davis
Leanna Fong, University of California, Davis
Antonio Gonzales, University of California, Davis
Abby Lok, University of California, Davis
Michele Lum, University of California, Davis
Stephanie Matsumoto, University of California, Davis
Athena Pang, University of California, Davis
Raziel Ramil, University of California, Davis
Tiffany Sung, University of California, Davis
Nhi Trinh, University of California, Davis
Aaron Tse, University of California, Davis
Vincent Wang, University of California, Davis
Liliana Wilf, University of California, Davis
Sarah Wong, University of California, Davis
Jonathan Wu, University of California, Davis
April Yoshihara, University of California, Davis
Richard Zamora, University of California, Davis
Heather Gonzales, University of Nevada, Reno
Scott Le, University of Nevada, Reno
Rendell Lopez, University of Nevada, Reno
Eric Munoz, University of Nevada, Reno
Huy Nguyen, University of the Pacific
Omar Sanchez, University of the Pacific
Megan Zahedi, University of the Pacific


Central Coast Division
Sheridan Nansen, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Aileen Arellano, University of California, Santa Barbara
Lawrence Chan, University of California, Santa Barbara
Naomi Chia, University of California, Santa Barbara
Adrian Cubas, University of California, Santa Barbara
Nathan Nateras, University of California, Santa Barbara
Elisa Arroyo, Ventura College
Neftali Guerrero, Ventura College
Remelli Huynh, Ventura College
River Nagel, Ventura College
Chris Ringor, Ventura College
Kurt-Michael Songcog, Ventura College


Desert Oasis Division
Erica Apostolos, University of California, Riverside
Anjo Armendi, University of California, Riverside
Brennan Cain, University of California, Riverside
Jack Chen, University of California, Riverside
Albert Dang, University of California, Riverside
Michael Feng, University of California, Riverside
Kelly Lien, University of California, Riverside
Alfonso Navarette, University of California, Riverside
Samantha Ratanvipupong, University of California, Riverside
Angelica Ubungen, University of California, Riverside
Daniel Wahyu, University of California, Riverside
Kris Cuento, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Cody Pinzon, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Chris Villareal, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Foothill Division
Michael Cao, CSU Los Angeles
Amanda Wong, East Los Angeles College
Dean Solideo, Mt. San Antonio College
Louise Panaligan, Pasadena City College
Cameron Pun, Pasadena City College


Golden Gate Division
Michelle Caballero, CSU East Bay
Wayne Cheng, San Francisco State University
Amber Ly, San Francisco State University
Mildred Salas-Robles, San Francisco State University
William Suy, San Francisco State University
William Lam, UC Berkeley
Brandon Lee, UC Berkeley
Joey Zhuang, UC Berkeley


Magic Kingdom Division
John Avelino, CSU Fullerton
Eric Chiu, CSU Fullerton
Britney Chow, CSU Fullerton
Ly Dang, CSU Fullerton
Michelle Hong, CSU Fullerton
Ivan Hoz, CSU Fullerton
Darius Nguyen, CSU Fullerton
Teresa Nguyen, CSU Fullerton
Amy Pham, CSU Fullerton
Kelly Pham, CSU Fullerton
Sonny Tan, CSU Fullerton
Kevin Tran, CSU Fullerton
Patrick Voong, CSU Fullerton
Russel de los Reyes, Cypress College
Alex Trinh, Cypress College
Krishna Verma, Cypress College
Tolby Lam, Golden West College
Ivan Moreno, Golden West College
Soren Kim, Irvine Valley College
Jon Boardman, Saddleback College
Hidiya Iffikhar, Saddleback College
Braden Wurlitzer, Saddleback College
Victoria Yib, Saddleback College
Kimberly Bui, UC Irvine
Carl Joseph Cabrera, UC Irvine
Kimberly Cao, UC Irvine
Yvonne Dai, UC Irvine
Michelle Deng, UC Irvine
Theresa Doan, UC Irvine
Nicklaus Elias, UC Irvine
Anika Engracia, UC Irvine
Stacey Le, UC Irvine
William Le, UC Irvine
Kenny Ly, UC Irvine
Robin Malimban, UC Irvine
Janerys Munoz, UC Irvine
Darin Ngo, UC Irvine
Alvin Nguyen, UC Irvine
Don Nguyen, UC Irvine
Kristin Kim Nguyen, UC Irvine
Vince Pham, UC Irvine
Cecilia Qian, UC Irvine
Richmond Rimando, UC Irvine
Raymond Ta, UC Irvine
Arthur Tham, UC Irvine
Howard Tran, UC Irvine
Wilson Tran, UC Irvine
Dianna Urias, UC Irvine
Sarina Vang, UC Irvine
Michael Vo, UC Irvine
Jennie Vong, UC Irvine
John Wang, UC Irvine
Brenda Wong, UC Irvine
Jicheng Xu, UC Irvine
Tom Yu, UC Irvine
Alex Zeng, UC Irvine
Jiazhi Zheng, UC Irvine


Metro Division
Juliet Agtang, CSU Long Beach
Alyson Brown, CSU Long Beach
Katelyn Duch, CSU Long Beach
Chao Huang, CSU Long Beach
Andy Kim, CSU Long Beach
Joanne Kim, CSU Long Beach
Christian Lam, CSU Long Beach
Jennifer Le, CSU Long Beach
Jovany Leon, CSU Long Beach
Angel Martinez, CSU Long Beach
Anna Nguyen, CSU Long Beach
Kathleen Panganiban, CSU Long Beach
Minh-Khoi Trinh, CSU Long Beach
Sophia Villareal, CSU Long Beach
Tin Vu, CSU Long Beach
Elizabeth De Dios, CSU Northridge
Michelle De Dios, CSU Northridge
Shaadi Sabeti, Pierce College
Leslie Adame, UC Los Angeles
Deborah Bor, UC Los Angeles
Sarah Chang, UC Los Angeles
Matthew De Guia, UC Los Angeles
Jessica Doan, UC Los Angeles
Katrina Galian, UC Los Angeles
Selina Han, UC Los Angeles
Claudia Huey, UC Los Angeles
Sharlene Lim, UC Los Angeles
Bryan Nguyen, UC Los Angeles
Timothy Luong Nguyen, UC Los Angeles
Sharon Rong, UC Los Angeles
Harsh Srivastav, UC Los Angeles
Victor Tran, UC Los Angeles
Ojo Ventura, UC Los Angeles
Blaire Yu, UC Los Angeles
Amy Zheng, UC Los Angeles
Regina Chan, University of Southern California
Alex Liang, University of Southern California
Jiwon Shin, University of Southern California


Paradise Division
Elaine Dai, UC San Diego
Alyssa Granados, UC San Diego
Evan Lin, UC San Diego
Amy Tang, UC San Diego
Louise Tolentino, UC San Diego
Lisa Ton, UC San Diego
Kylie Tran, UC San Diego
Phillip Truong, UC San Diego
Zeven Vidmar Barker, UC San Diego
Wesley Yuen, UC San Diego
Alicia Chanes, UH Hilo
Kailani Plant, UH Hilo
Brooke Sakuma, UH Hilo
Kristen Yagi, UH Hilo


Sunset Division
Alan Baez, San Jose State University
Don Nguyen, San Jose State University
Jennifer Tai, San Jose State University
Monica Willemsz, San Jose State University
Jaymee Illescas, UC Santa Cruz
Michelle Nguyen, UC Santa Cruz




Capital Division
Ariel-Luna Recio, CSU Sacramento
Michelle Chan, CSU Sacramento
Quinn Feehan, CSU Sacramento
Edward Kieng, CSU Sacramento
Vanessa Lee, CSU Sacramento
Jason Mica, CSU Sacramento
Julie Nguyen, CSU Sacramento
Kayliana Da, San Joaquin Delta College
Nhut-Linh Le, San Joaquin Delta College
Tan Tran, San Joaquin Delta College
Benny Saechao, San Joaquin Delta College
Kanza Choudhary, UC Davis
Lila Masson, UC Davis
Julissa Ortiz, UC Davis
Sandra Vang, UC Davis
Shay Jones, University of the Pacific
Crystal Ly, University of the Pacific
Samantha Pham, University of the Pacific


Central Coast Division
Weston Montgomery, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Julian Perez, UC Merced
Alysha Cabarrubias, UC Santa Barbara
Crystal Guo, UC Santa Barbara
Howard Wang, UC Santa Barbara
Diana Cano, Ventura College
Andrew D’Incognito, Ventura College


Desert Oasis Division
Henry Casarez, UC Riverside
Andrew Chang, UC Riverside
Robin Dang, UC Riverside
Sam Del Castillo, UC Riverside
Mark Fernandez, UC Riverside
Amy Kobayashi, UC Riverside
Vanessa Kumnoonsate, UC Riverside
Priscilla Lau, UC Riverside
Alex Park, UC Riverside
June Park, UC Riverside
Kaylie Truong, UC Riverside
Maddie Villanueva, UC Riverside
Sabrina Yang, UC Riverside
Annie Zhou, UC Riverside
Alexandra Amaya, UN Las Vegas
Rosie Benito-Dumo, UN Las Vegas
Kamryn Cruz, UN Las Vegas
Erica Lee, UN Las Vegas


Foothill Division
Natalie Lopez, Mt. San Antonio College
Joey Duong, Pasadena City College
Jenny Koug, Pasadena City College
Emily Reale, Pasadena City College
Ryan Tan, Pasadena City College


Golden Gate Division
Huy Nguyen, CSU East Bay
Darian Sein-Lwin, CSU East Bay
Dennis Lim, San Francisco State University
Daisy Rosas, San Francisco State University
Randall Belyea, UC Berkeley
Jenny Chau, UC Berkeley
Kaitlyn Chieh, UC Berkeley
Kristine Jiao, UC Berkeley
Alan Kwok, UC Berkeley
Vivian Ma, UC Berkeley
Cecilia Nguyen, UC Berkeley
Annajulia Santa Elena, UC Berkeley
Lenny Summers, UC Berkeley
Joy Xie, UC Berkeley
Cameron Yuki, UC Berkeley


Magic Kingdom Division
Rafa Alam, CSU Fullerton
Benjamin Distor, CSU Fullerton
Lay Hak, CSU Fullerton
Carl Hernandez, CSU Fullerton
Angela Lagrada, CSU Fullerton
Kevin Lee, CSU Fullerton
Christine Nguyen, CSU Fullerton
Vy Nguyen, CSU Fullerton
Raphael John Pacquing, CSU Fullerton
Douglas Shimizu, CSU Fullerton
Kathy Tran, CSU Fullerton
Daniela Vazquez, CSU Fullerton
April Simpson, Irvine Valley College
Hayley Hoang, Orange Coast College
Jessica Le, Orange Coast College
Miyu Noguchi, Orange Coast College
Francis Tran, Orange Coast College
Branden Vo, Orange Coast College
Courtney Cheng, UC Irvine
Crystal Cheng, UC Irvine
Biancka Dela Cruz, UC Irvine
John Rae Diego, UC Irvine
Joshua Guillermo, UC Irvine
Joshua Hsin, UC Irvine
Andy Huynh, UC Irvine
Akina Ishimoto, UC Irvine
Brandon Kincaid, UC Irvine
TIffany Lim, UC Irvine
Jennifer Manivanh, UC Irvine
Denise Nguyen, UC Irvine
Nancy Nguyen, UC Irvine
Serjohn Pascual, UC Irvine
Cody Phan, UC Irvine
Gabriel Quach, UC Irvine
Reginald Sellote, UC Irvine
Tammy Thai, UC Irvine
Karen Tsai, UC Irvine
Alexandra Uskov, UC Irvine
Joyce Wu, UC Irvine
Andrew Yu, UC Irvine


Metro Division
Olivia Chang, CSU Long Beach
Heather Fann, CSU Long Beach
Stella Liang, CSU Long Beach
Naomi Pham, CSU Long Beach
Thuyvi Pham, CSU Long Beach
James Cortes, Pierce College
Mara Bui, UC Los Angeles
Samanntha Trina Chung, UC Los Angeles
Angeli Indran, UC Los Angeles
Christopher Lam, UC Los Angeles
Ryan Leong, UC Los Angeles
Thu Uyen Tran, UC Los Angeles
Jennifer Sung, University of Southern California
Callie Truong, University of Southern California
Lina Wang, University of Southern California


Paradise Division
Michael Christensen, UC San Diego
Renelle Gadon, UC San Diego
Lincoln Huynh, UC San Diego
Summer Joshi, UC San Diego
Allyson Luong, UC San Diego
Ryan Luong, UC San Diego
Steven Ong, UC San Diego
Minghua Ong, UC San Diego
Vanissa Tsang, UC San Diego
Erica Wei, UC San Diego
Maggie Chen, UH Hilo
Courtney Ip, UH Hilo


Sunset Division
Joe Richard Samson, San Jose State University
Franklin To, San Jose State University
Calvin Lee, UC Santa Cruz
Jeanette Mui, UC Santa Cruz
Darrion Nguyen, UC Santa Cruz
Victor Nguyen, UC Santa Cruz




Capital Division
Patrick Hu, CSU Sacramento
Ricardo Aficial, CSU Sacramento
Brandon Capulong, CSU Sacramento
Mina Dang, CSU Sacramento
Evonne Luu, CSU Sacramento
Marcus Magno, CSU Sacramento
Kevin Ngo, CSU Sacramento
Angela Wong, CSU Sacramento
Tia Yang, CSU Sacramento
Ryan Yee, CSU Sacramento
Eddy Yu, CSU Sacramento
Brandon Garcia, San Joaquin Delta College
Cynthia Pu, San Joaquin Delta College
Tiffany Huang, University of the Pacific
Robert Irao, University of the Pacific
Grace Park, University of the Pacific


Central Coast Division
Nicolas Wright, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Jose Padilla, UC Santa Barbara
Sopheak Suy, Ventura College


Desert Oasis Division
Andy Nguyen, UC Riverside
Jameson Nguyen, UC Riverside
Max Rico, UC Riverside
Nina Schatz, UC Riverside
Aerrow Cruz, UN Las Vegas
Aviel Geronimo, UN Las Vegas
Ethan Hill, UN Las Vegas
Jacob Lockhart, UN Las Vegas
James Malabanan, UN Las Vegas
Vanessa Meza-Perez, UN Las Vegas


Golden Gate Division
Annie Chen, UC Berkeley
Jordan Fan, UC Berkeley
Fionna Lee, UC Berkeley
Austin Lim, UC Berkeley
William Lin, UC Berkeley
Tiffany Nguyen, UC Berkeley


Magic Kingdom Division
Amy Cao, CSU Fullerton
Sandra Cheng, CSU Fullerton
Adam Djabra, CSU Fullerton
Michael Hayes, CSU Fullerton
Samuel Lee, CSU Fullerton
Kelly Quach, CSU Fullerton
Alvin Nguyen, Irvine Valley College
Adolfo Alan Garduno, Orange Coast College
Kimberly Hinojos, Orange Coast College
Yeonsoo Kim, Orange Coast College
Johnny Le, Orange Coast College
Steven Ly, Orange Coast College
Alvin Nguyen, Orange Coast College
John Park, Orange Coast College
Minh Ton, Orange Coast College
Josiah Carino, Saddleback College
Renz Lane, Saddleback College
Danny Del Cid, UC Irvine
Benjamin Huynh, UC Irvine
Lianne Larkin, UC Irvine
Brian Liu, UC Irvine
Ami Patel, UC Irvine
Chris Tran, UC Irvine


Metro Division
Eddie Castillo, CSU Long Beach
Jonathan Ichino, CSU Long Beach
Alexis Moreno, CSU Long Beach
Steve Lopez, CSU Northridge
Jone Bacinskaite, UC Los Angeles
Jolene Chan, UC Los Angeles
Braden Lem, UC Los Angeles
Justin Linder, UC Los Angeles
Caroline Martina, UC Los Angeles
Amir Patel, UC Los Angeles
Tyler Saunders, UC Los Angeles

Paradise Division
Vivian Du, UC San Diego
Hanna Lam, UC San Diego
Kevin Nguyen, UC San Diego
Alfredo Salmasan, UC San Diego
Alexandra Wei, UC San Diego
Wesley Wu, UC San Diego
Weijin Wu, UC San Diego
Aaron Zepeda, UC San Diego


Sunset Division
Allison Ono, UC Santa Cruz




Capital Division
Casey Kieng, CSU Sacramento
Brian Manganaan, CSU Sacramento
Jennifer Sandoval, CSU Sacramento
Nora Lovell, UC Davis
Jennifer Ly, UC Davis
Kelley Truong, UC Davis
Darienne Viloria, UC Davis
Celena Yee, UC Davis
Joshua Ranario, University of the Pacific


Desert Oasis Division
Calvin Chau, UC Riverside
Nathan Wong, UC Riverside
Vinh Tran, UN Las Vegas
Terrie Truong, UN Las Vegas


Golden Gate Division
Brandon Abrego, UC Berkeley
Manny Ilasco, UC Berkeley
Shaira Ramirez-Santos, UC Berkeley
Evan Sum, UC Berkeley
Thanh Thanh Thai, UC Berkeley
Nikhila Udupa, UC Berkeley


Magic Kingdom Division
Josephine Chau, CSU Fullerton
Christina Lam, CSU Fullerton
Henry Pham, CSU Fullerton
Melody Tran, CSU Fullerton
David Su, Cypress College
Alan Camargo, Orange Coast College
Katherine Hoang, Orange Coast College
Dylan Huynh, Orange Coast College
Anne Le, Orange Coast College
Ngoc Nguyen, Orange Coast College
Tommy Thach, Orange Coast College
Naomi Gingras, UC Irvine
Winnie Lam, UC Irvine
Chad Ruaburo, UC Irvine
Alicia Sieu, UC Irvine


Metro Division
Cammie Lam, CSU Long Beach
Jao San Agustin, CSU Long Beach
Kim Vo, CSU Long Beach
Gina Apinyavat, UC Los Angeles
Belen Bravo, UC Los Angeles
Ryan Fang, UC Los Angeles
Jeremy Figueroa, UC Los Angeles
Jeffrey Lin, UC Los Angeles
Calvin Ly, UC Los Angeles
Kylee Lyons, UC Los Angeles
Kevin Ru, UC Los Angeles
Khoa Vinh, UC Los Angeles
Ethan Vuong, UC Los Angeles


Paradise Division
Marne Amoguis, UC San Diego
Maricris Hernandez, UC San Diego
Alyssa Lew, UC San Diego
Braelyn Travis, UC San Diego
Anh Vo, UC San Diego


Sunset Division
Jonash Poyaoan, UC Santa Cruz


3rd Place: Braelyn Travis, UC San Diego (497 service hours)
2nd Place: Kylee Lyons, UC Los Angeles (513 service hours)
1st Place: Gina Apinyavat, UC Los Angeles (585 service hours)