We\'ve reached the last week of January Member Recognition Mondays! This week, we are showcasing the following members from across the district. These individuals stood out to their Lt. Governors for their selfless display of service, leadership, and fellowship. Catch you all next month when we spotlight members who help others fall in love with Circle K.

Capital: Tim Stone, UN Reno

Right from when Tim joined Circle K at UNR, he has shown so much passion in the organization and Capital. Although this is his first and last year in Circle K, he would stop at nothing to maximize his CKI experience! On top of being so involved in his club, Tim has also gone out of his way to take the Greyhound to California occasionally to reach out to the rest of the division! Tim is such a joy to be around in Capital and I can speak on behalf of all of our members that he well deserves this recognition.

Central Coast: Nicole Ishii,     Cal Lutheran

Nicole stepped up to be her clubs social media coordinator and has always been a positive and helpful member of her club. She works hard and gives useful opinions and ideas in order to better their club. She is always available for club and board meetings and attends as many events as possible.

Desert Oasis: Kevin Wu, UC Riverside

Kevin has grown a lot since joining Circle K. He was an active member in his Diggy Duggers family last year and now he is a family head himself for Mellowkréme! This December Kevin was the only non-board member to co-lead a team at our Desert Oasis Academy, and he did great with team \"Can You Not.\" He helped make December WAW a memorable experience for his team and his leadership is much appreciated. If you see Kevin tell him he\'s doing very well (and maybe give him a red apple).

Foothill: Ryan Tan, Pasadena City College

Although his first year in Circle K, Ryan is heavily involved with the organization! He continually serves his home club and division by displaying care towards everyone who he meets! He actively gets involved, makes people feel welcomed, and takes leadership directly. Personally, I’m incredibly proud of all his dedication and hard work he’s contributed to Circle K!

Golden Gate: Evan Sum, UC Berkeley

Evan is a ball of positive energy that radiates warmth to all those around him. He is constantly finding more ways to be involved and continues to spread his kindness and friendship to others.

Magic Kingdom: Braden Wurlitzer,    Saddleback College

When Braden first joined Circle K this past Fall, he was able to dive into all three tenets of Circle K almost immediately. From attending service projects to having a strong divisional presence, Braden has been an exemplary member! In addition to that, Braden also stepped up and is now serving as the Fundraising Chair for Saddleback College CKI!  Braden still has so much potential to grow through his home club and in Circle K and we can’t wait to see the fire for CKI continue to glow!

Metro: Patrick Cuaresma, CSU Long Beach

Patrick is a transfer student from San Diego State University to CSULB. He used to serve as their president and now attends CSULB as a general member of CKI. His dedication is shown immensely through his passion for service and he continues to come out to events and help out the community. He is a role model to others around him and we appreciate him for being an active member in the club.

Paradise: Kathleen Torio, Palomar College

As a new member, Kathleen has shown great initiative and attended her first District event at Fall Training Conference! She is very excited to be part of the club and is anticipating meeting more people and doing more service projects.

Sunset: Jonash Poyaoan, UC Santa Cruz

Jonash is the chosen member of the month for this installment of MR Mondays! Jonash actually recently picked up an Appointed Board vacancy in his home club and now serves as their Scrapbook Chair!  He managed to put together his committee in a short amount of time while putting the scrapbook back on track. He is also an extremely enthusiastic member of his home club and provides a breath of fresh air and joy.

If you would like to nominate a member who helps others fall in love with Circle K, go to bit.ly/February18MRM. The form will be open until 10PM tonight.