Hello, CNH Circle K!

For the last month of the 2018-2019 term, the District Member Recognition Committee decided to do something a little special with Member Recognition Mondays. From here on out until the last week of February, there will be 9 different individuals presented pertaining to a different prompt instead of just 3 different individuals.

Each week there will be a different prompt, and this week’s prompt is, “Who in your division is like a mentor to you and others around you?”

Down below is a member from each division that the Lieutenant Governors chose from the nomination pool they have received. 


Capital Division
Brandon Capulong, CSU Sacramento
Brandon is no new character to Circle K. While he just joined Capital Division this year, he has been a part of Golden Gate before and his experience and knowledge has definitely carried over! I always witness his pride and passion for CKI and he’s always guiding and helping the new members in any school. From providing rides to general meetings of other schools and offering advice and support in every direction, Brandon is a role model for not only our new members, but our division as a whole. We are all grateful and happy to have Brandon as part of our Capital family and I’m sure his experience and passion in CKI will continue to influence and impact more members to come!!”


Central Coast Division
Sopheak Suy, Ventura College
She has been an inspiration to all. The amount of effort she puts in and the events she does is truly outstanding. I use her as an example to push myself to do more and more. Even though she hasn’t directly mentored me, she has definitely led me by example.”


Desert Oasis Division
Calvin Chau, UC Riverside
Calvin has always been a mentor figure to me since I first joined the club in 2017. His knowledge of CKI is as vast as his love for the organization and those who works alongside. I’ve had many mentors during my time in CKI and I am happy to say that Calvin has made a big impact on not only my life, but the lives of those who had the pleasure of meeting him.”

Foothill Division
Natalie Lu, Mt. San Antonio College
“I was fortunate to know her during my time in Key Club, and she continues to guide me in Circle K during college. She is willing to put in the time to not only help me, but other members. As a small club, she is able to have individual bonds between each member. Her ability to lead is apparent, as she welcomes an inclusive environment. Nevertheless, she used her past knowledge of the club and passed it onto all the board members.”


Golden Gate Division
Annie Chen, UC Berkeley
I always see her saying hi to new members and returning members of the division, befriending them out of her own kindness, and makes sure that everyone feels welcomed. In addition, she is an incredible divisional secretary, where she helps me as a Lieutenant Governor immensely. From reminding me about things when I’m forgetful, to giving valuable commentary, and being an incredible support system, she has been a mentor to me and those around me!!”


Magic Kingdom Division
Jennifer Hoang, CSU Fullerton
Ever since I met Jennifer I looked up to her! Not because she’s tol but because she has so much experience to share about her time in CKI. With 2 years of District Board experience, 1 year of DLT experience and 1 year as an appointed board member, she’s been able to help me, others on District Board and her committee with our duties, but her mentorship goes beyond knowing what to do – she understands what you’re going through. She has been a great support to me throughout my years in CKI and a support to others who have worked with her and under her.”


Metro Division
Kim Vo, CSU Long Beach
Kim is such a great mentor and she doesn’t even know it. Her genuine care for members interests, academics, and wellbeing truly shines!”


Paradise Division
Michael Christensen, UC San Diego
I’ve known Michael for a really long time, he’s really grown into a leader through cki and a lot of people look toward him. As President this year he’s come into his own and has done a wonderful job facing challenges no one else would likely face in their life. I’m proud to know him and deserves the recognition for all he has done.”


Sunset Division
Bill Truong, De Anza College
Bill Truong is a member at De Anza College and throughout the past, he has always been warm and welcoming to all members. He made new members feel comfortable at different events from divisional to district events. He also been a mentor figure to many and help give advices to members and officers in the division and his home club.”



There is also an OPPORTUNITY DRAWING where members can answer the same prompt with #MRMonday to enter in a drawing and potentially win a 32 oz Takeya flask or a skin care package. Please look for the post at the CNH Circle K Facebook page and comment on it with your answer to, “Who in your division has been like a mentor to you and others around you?”