Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,

Here we are again with a brand new month: a spooky October! You know what that means…brand new Member Recognition Mondays! Going back full circle, we are recognizing three wonderful individuals from the northern region of our District. These members were picked because their peers believe that they exude positive vibes within their division!

Here are what their Lieutenant Governors thought about them as well as their answers to three new questions the District Member Recognition Committee had picked for them to answer.

1. What is an event that is coming up this term you are most looking forward to? Why?
2. If you woke up and it was raining food, what kind of food(s) would there be?
3. What keeps you moving when life throws you lemons?

Capital Division
Kevin Ngo, Sacramento State University

Kevin has been a dedicated Circle K member ever since he joined and now even in his 3rd year in this organization, he has been incredibly welcoming and caring for all members throughout our division and district. He is always observant and making sure that each and every member is included in the conversation or activity! He brightens the room as soon as he walks in and can share a laugh with just about anybody. Ultimately, Kevin makes people feel comfortable and he contributes such a wholesome and caring vibe to our Circle K Family!”

1. One of my favorite events that I look forward to every year is Go West! This event is where I made so many unforgettable memories and had outstanding people FALL in my life. Volunteering for a 3 day event with only 3 hours of sleep seemed unreal, until I went to #GoWest!

2. Dang this one’s hard ahah. I’m very into elegant fragrances. Creating the perfect smell goes under lots of TRAINING. If I were to choose one food that could mask the scent for the world, it would probably be durian droplets.

3. Lemons are pretty heavy (3-4 ounces). Catching lemons and turning them into something new is a normal process of life My goal is to make a CONFERENCE for lemon lovers like me! You can find a lot of these are your local GROCERY STORE! Oh yeah! DON’T FORGET TO #GOTOFTC!

Golden Gate Division
Aya Morales, University of San Francisco

“Aya is a 3rd year at USF studying International Business. She recently joined Circle K at USF to help recharter the club on campus. For someone who wasn’t in Key Club, or a general member in Circle K, she hopped onto the boat fresh and brand new, she has taken the initiative to help recharter the club, table on campus, built a community within the club, and is starting to help the club board expand with appointed positions. From her work as an Vice President of Administration and for working so hard along with her board to help rebuild USF with her warm and welcoming attitude, we thank Aya for her exemplary leadership and character.”

1. I’m really looking forward to Corgi Con because it’ll be my first service event (outside of making dog toys at DCM) as an officer of Circle K. I also went to Corgi Con last year and I loved seeing all the happy pups, and it was really interesting to see what the volunteers did during the event, so I’m hoping that my volunteering experience will look similar!

2. I’m Filipino, and I would be extremely happy seeing my favorite Filipino dishes falling from the sky. Ugh, so good.

3. Honestly, my family and close friends are what keep me going through life. Life gives me a lot of lemons, so it’s easier and more fun if I’m making lemonade with those around me!

Sunset Division
Stanley Truong, San Jose State University

Stanley is a first year at San Jose State University and he has showed great interest in joining Circle K since Fall tabling. He always bring positive energy with him whenever he interacts with members. Although he can’t come out to the general meetings due to class, officers mentioned he always stop by to say hi and see what he missed. He tries his best to stay involve and get to know the other members as well.”

1. The only event I kind of right now is FTC! I’m looking forward to this event because I can hopefully make new friends!! :-))

2. Sushi!!!!! I love sushi so much haha

3. Either listening to music or playing instruments keep me going!


Stay tuned to next Monday to see who will be recognized from the central region of our District!