Good afternoon, CNH Circle K!

Finals season is upon us! I hope you all are studying hard for all of your classes while taking breaks every now and then. Learning the material is just as important as making sure you are getting enough sleep and eating healthy!

With that said, here is week two of MR Mondays. Upon on the topic of care taking, the members mentioned below are those who have been voted by their peers to have taken care of others very well! 

Find out what the Lieutenant Governors and others have to say about them below:

Central Coast Division
Kurt Songcog, Ventura College
He always has such a positive attitude as Ventura College’s Kiwanis Family chair. Also he helped their new ICC representative get into her position because he was covering for her in the beginning of the year. AND he’s been keeping in good contact with their sponsoring Kiwanis President, which is really good to see. Great job!”

Desert Oasis Division
Andrew Anzu Chang, UC Riverside
Andrew is an outstanding member of Circle K. Not only is he a respected Appointed Board officer at his home club, UC Riverside, he is also a recent addition to the Divisional Leadership Team of Desert Oasis. His outgoing personality is always great to be around and it is easy to see how passionate he is for our organization. If you haven’t met this great individual yet, don’t be afraid to take the opportunity to say hi! He is always happy to make new friends!”

Foothill Division
Jocelyn Zaragoza, Pasadena City College 
Jocelyn is one of those members who is there at a moments notice to assist, whether its by helping make spirit packs at 2am or just by giving advice to new members. She’s someone who ensures everyone gets home safe after an event and goes out of her way to make those around her smile. Not only is she an important part of PCC but she also helps bring together other clubs in the division and is constantly helping out wherever she’s needed, even being called a “mom” to some of the members. She’s definitely left an impact on all of us in Foothill.”

“This member has continuously been supportive to her peers in her club but as well as surrounding clubs. She has mentored new members and has also picked up two of her own mentees as well! As a rechartering president, she has supported me and helped me with many different events and struggles our club has faced. As a friend, she has kept me as well as our members in check whenever possible. Though she cannot travel far, she makes the effort to do whatever she possibly can to go to events to show support. I have never seen an individual so passionate about their peers and their division as much as Jocelyn. Thank you so much for what you have down for not only our division but ELAC Circle K. We love you lots <3!”

Stay tuned to next week for the southern region of our District as well as a new nomination form for the month of January. Ace those finals!