Hello CNH Circle K!


Welcome to week two of the special edition of February MR Mondays. This week is dedicated to the members who have made lots of contributions to CKI known to the Lieutenant Governors and others around them. This week’s prompt is, “Who in your division has made a lot of sacrifices for CKI?”


Capital Division
Jennifer Sandoval, CSU Sacramento
Jennifer joined Capital Division of CNH Circle K in Fall 2016. Having served about 3 years now in this organization, she has definitely made an impact on so many members across not only Capital, but also all across our beloved CNH District! From serving on various club, divisional, and district committees to playing an active role as a CKI member, Jennifer takes the opportunities in front of her and uses them to grow as a leader as well as help build the leadership of others around her! From completing 100+ CERFs and making sure all hours are recorded as a club secretary, to making sure our entire division knows the cheers and has the spirit to spread joy and great vibes, Jennifer has sacrificed so many countless hours for this organization and she definitely deserves a spotlight for a change after spotlighting many members across CNH! We are all glad and appreciative to have Jennifer as per of our beloved Capital family!!”


Central Coast Division
Jordan Ong, Moorpark College
This guy has been an absolute beast. He drops everything to help out the club whenever he can. Jordan has been the glue that has strengthened the bond between the members and the club itself.”


Desert Oasis Division
Rosie Benito-Dumo, UN Las Vegas
I have known Rosie for a while now and although she is going into her second year in CKI, she has sacrificed so much for her home club. She is the Special Events chair at UNLV CKI and she has to plan TWO large-scale fundraising events that happen literally only one month apart from each other. She thinks about these events everyday, works on materials everyday, and her room is actually filled with Special Events stuff that there is barely enough room for her to move around. When I think of a dedicated CKI member, I think of Rosie because of the amount of work that she puts in the name of CKI.”


Foothill Division
Amanda Wong, East Los Angeles College
With school and family occupying most of our lives, many people put CKI on the sidelines. However, Amanda Wong, charter president of ELAC, has been dedicated to assist not only the members of her home club but also the entire division, whether it be driving members from other clubs home late at night or coordinating an entire event on her campus. She has always maintained the importance of Circle K to the members. With a hectic life and a job taking up much of her time, she still finds the opportunities to attend events and contribute to our division in her own unique ways.”


Golden Gate Division
Evan Sum, UC Berkeley
I really look up to his selflessness, his ability to brighten up people’s day, and the kindness that he radiates towards other people. Not only is he an exemplary member, but also as a Service Projects Chair for UCBCKI, he goes out of his ways to support members of the community through service and goes out of his way to support his fellow board members. I’ve seen him put Circle K as a priority over other important things in his life and it shows that his commitment and care for this club really shows, thus leading to me recognizing Evan.”


Magic Kingdom Division
Alvin Nguyen, Irvine Valley College
Yoohoo! If you’ve been around Magic Kingdom, you might have seen this person everywhere! Alvin Nguyen from IVC has given a lot of himself for this organization. Alvin is not only the president of IVC CKI, he also serves on the District Technology Committee as the District Website Assistant. He has sacrificed his time to put together events and programs for his club and even goes above and beyond! Recently, Alvin put together an event for the division called The Amazing Picnic and he also spent outside time preparing for the workshop he helped host at the event. You can catch him at other club’s events getting to know other members too.”


Metro Division
Robert Copado, CSU Northridge
Robert has sacrificed so much for his club. Commuting from home in LA all the way to the valley just for his club meetings and even events. Spending time making sure people have rides to and from large scale events.”


Paradise Division
Erica Wei, UC San Diego
Erica Wei poured her heart and soul into Circle K this term. She puts solid work into TWO district committees as both Workshops & Webinars Coordinator for MD&E committee and Social Media Coordinator for Communications and Marketing committee! Amazingly, she managed to do all this while abroad in Japan during the Fall! All while supporting both Paradise and UCSD back at home. I’ve learned that she’s extremely dedicated in her and handles her positions with precision and grace. She is determined to get things done.”


Sunset Division
Ian Mallari, San Jose State University
Ian serves as the VPA at SJSU Circle K and has been working hard with his A-board with new ideas for the past semester to implement into the club. He’s always excited to bring new ideas to the table and helping out with whatever needs to be done.”



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