Good Afternoon Sunny CNH! ☀️

Welcome to yet another week of February Member Recognition Mondays! As mentioned last week, this entire month will be focusing on the spotlighting members who have been supportive of their peers throughout the term. We have another batch of individuals to spotlight so scroll down to see who they are!


🦅Capital Division🦅
Evonne Lu, CSU Sacramento

Evonne has worked so hard this whole term. Whether it was supporting our club president, e board, a board or members. She have done above and beyond supporting each of us. I feel as she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves mostly because she does things behind the scenes but she has always been there when other officers coukdnt be there for members.
Fun Fact: She claims that she loves the sound of cracking things.


🐢Central Coast Division🐢
Allyson Bautista, CSU Fresno

Allyson Bautista has been apart of the Kiwanis family for 4 years now, starting off her freshmen year in high school. Last year she was LTG for D05S Key Club for 8 surrounding Fresno High Schools. Now she is Kiwanis family chair for Fresno State’s Circle K International. But she does so much more than that, she has helped revive the club and attended almost every single event! She always has a positive, supportive, and caring attitude that welcomes people into the club. She is such an inspiring leader that the club can depend on to do so much more than her role as Kiwanis Family chair. We are lucky to have her!
Fun Fact: Allyson is hoping to pursue a career in medicine!


🍊Citrus Division🍊
Christine Nguyen, CSU Fullerton

Christine currently serves as Fullerton’s Arts & Design Chair. Since being appointed, she has worked on various projects such as creating plush keychains to help fundraise for the club to creating large props for Fullerton’s FTC Campfire Skit, Key to College, Lip Sync Battle, and so much more. She has worked tirelessly as a club officers but continues to shine one of the brightest smiles to the club and its members.
Fun Fact: Christine gets cold very easily and very quickly! She also likes having her head patted by her grand.


🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵
Brennan Cain, UC Riverside

Brennan is always so enthusiastic to attend and participate in events, as well as getting to know new members. Brennan is always so supportive of his peers in always reassuring them that they’re doing a great job and that everyone in attendance is having a great time.
Fun Fact: Brennan is currently studying abroad in the UK!


🔥Foothill Division🔥
Halle Phan, Pasadena City College

Halle has been a member of PCCCKI for a while now, but has only gotten active her last year at PCC. She has supported her fellow members through words of encouragement, words of affirmation and being physically & emotionally available to her members. Halle definitely makes PCC a more wholesome atmosphere and when you talk to her, you can see the passion and care that she exudes. She continuously supports anyone and everyone who needs it and is hardly judgemental of peoples choices. It is so great to have Halle within CKI but also as a friend.
Fun Fact: Halle is a koreaboo 😮


🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Victor Gonzalez, UC Berkeley

Victor is always radiating positivity, and he he never fails to brighten everyone’s day whether through showing random memes and vines, or through heartfelt conversations. He’s never shy to verbally express his gratitude and affection, and also checks in on people to make sure they’re doing ok!
Fun Fact: Victor is nurturing a growing garden of plant babies on his balcony <3


🚊Metro Division🚊
Stephanie Pham, CSU Long Beach

When the school semester started she didn’t stop for a second to greet everyone. Since she’s a new member she was a lovely spirit to everyone who were depressed school started. Besides that she cheered everyone on during her very first cki meeting when they went up to talk!
Fun Fact: Stephanie likes trying out new things because new decade new experiences!


🍍Paradise Division🍍
Jackie Soria, Grossmont College

Jackie has been extremely a huge support for Grossmont College. She’s willing to do anything if you just ask and she has an open heart to serve her community. She’s also just overall a really fun and fantastic person to be around. As Grossmont College’s newly elected Secretary, she shows a promising future in being a positive impact for club and community. She is and will definitely be a reliable person for all of Grossmont College as well as the rest of the division.
Fun Fact: Jackie is a culinary major.


🌅Sunset Division🌅
Stanley Truong, San Jose State University

Stanley has always been one of the nicest members of his home club. Whether he is being really enthusiastic at meetings, or dedicating time to volunteering in his community, Stanley is always a welcome face to see at events. He is constantly encouraging and supporting his members to go to events and do service!
Fun Fact: Stanley is a popular YouTuber!



That’s it for today, see you all next week for more Member Recognition Mondays!