Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,

We’re back at it again with Member Recognition Mondays! With midterms and finals season harboring upon us, we hope that you all have been studying really hard for them and getting good grades!

Without further ado, here are the November MR Monday picks for the central region of our District. These are the NEW members who have been catching people’s eyes by being active!

Central Coast Division
Nathan Nateras, UC Santa Barbara
He steps up so well whenever our board needs help going to an event or charing an extra event for our week of welcome. He has such a positive and willing to help attitude and honestly such a big help to board. He’s honestly grown so much I’m v happy for Nathan.”


Desert Oasis Division
Ray Cadena, UN Las Vegas
Ray Cadena, has an amazing personality! He definitely lights up the room when he enters and his bubbly personality is definitely infectious. Ray is an outstanding new member and we’re glad to have him in the club. – Charlene Sullivan”


Foothill Division
Vincent Hoang, Cal Poly Pomona
“”Active, Friendly, and funny. Vincent is awesome to be around, and he always knows how to make things fun. “”It just be like that sometimes.”” – Vincent Hoang””

Stay tuned to next week to see which new members from the southern region will be featured on MR Mondays!