Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,

We love recognizing people, so here are three more individuals to learn a tiny bit more about! This time around they are from the central region of our District!

Here are what their Lieutenant Governors thought about them as well as their answers to three new questions the District Member Recognition Committee had picked for them to answer.

1. What is an event that is coming up this term you are most looking forward to? Why? 
2. If you woke up and it was raining food, what kind of food(s) would there be? 
3. What keeps you moving when life throws you lemons?

Central Coast Division
Daniela Alvarez, UC Merced

Daniela has been exuding positive vibes since day one! She always has a great big smile on her face and is always trying to get her members more active in the club! I mean just look at her cute buns, those definitely exude positivity.”

1. I’m really looking forward to DLSSP!! It has been my favorite event during my time in Circle K and I’m always looking forward to doing service alongside all the northern clubs!

2. If it was raining food, it’d be vanilla iced coffee!

3. When life throws me lemons, my family and loved ones are the ones keeping me going! They’re the ones to motivate me when I’m down! They believe in me and always encourage me to keep doing my best.


Desert Oasis Division
Gina Aguilar, Crafton Hills College

For Gina, her personality allows her create memorable friendships with those who have the pleasure of meeting her. Whether it be her connections to Kiwanis or her fellow CKI peers, From first-hand experience working with her, Gina is very effective when it comes to bringing up the best from those she works with, even if she doesn’t know it. Even though she can be shy at times, she has a big heart for her club. As seen from her recent club rush, Gina only wants the best for Crafton Hills CKI and the members she will have the pleasure of serving alongside with. As LTG, Gina’s caring and supportive attitude is something I always recognize whenever I have the honor of working alongside her.”


Foothill Division
Dean Martin Solideo, Mt. San Antonio College

“I don’t think Dean has a single bad bone in his body. Despite everything that may happen to and around him, Dean still manages to stay positive throughout it all. Although he’s currently involved in a difficult major, I’ve seen him work through it and overcome the obstacles that ultimately get in his way. One way I saw him remain positive was when he went ice skating with friends during a break at Go West. He actually sprained his wrist because he fell down a few times, but he still took it in stride and enjoyed the rest of his weekend without giving the injury much thought. Dean is a constant reminder for me and other members to not let the bad get to you and to just take things slowly. He also constantly stays active in the club despite the workload he gets from school, and I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to helping out the community.”

1. I don’t have a particular choice but the upcoming events that I look forward to are any of the overnight events (FTC, Go West, DCON) because I just like bonding/hanging out with my CKI members for 3 days.

2. If there was raining food, I would see raining varieties of different pizza.

3. If life throws me lemons, what keeps me moving is my mom because I hope in the future that I will pay back all the hard work of taking care of me by buying her a home where she doesn’t have to worry about financial responsibilities and enjoy relaxing for the rest of her life.

Stay tuned to next week to see who will be recognized from the southern divisions!