Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,
Three new wonderful CKI members are being recognized today for their effort recognized by their peers. The prompt this month was to nominate someone who went above and beyond their comfort zone, and these three members truly went out of their way in Circle K!
See what the Lieutenant Governors had to say about them, and their answers to three NEW questions as seen below:
1. Who/what motivated you to join and stay in CKI?
2. What’s a body part that wouldn’t mind losing, and why?
3. What are some ways you got out of your comfort zone this year?
Central Coast Division
Elisa Arroyo, Ventura College
“Elisa has been helping out a lot when their president gets overwhelmed with her tasks. She creates amazing PowerPoints for their club and is currently working on flyers for upcoming tabling events & posters to put up around campus. She’s super dependable when something needs to be done. She also helps out a lot with games during club bonding activities and takes the lead sometimes!”
1. To experience a new atmosphere with different people who enjoy to help others. 
2. I wouldn’t mind losing my right pinkie toe, it ain’t important.  
3. I’m usually shy to interact with people. I had to get over it for my sake and I force myself to interact with others. Mentioning memes is a good start.
Desert Oasis Division
Aviel Geronimo, UN Las Vegas
“Aviel has gone above and beyond by consistently updating all of the social media pages (no matter how many updates there are!), attending a majority of New Student Orientations and tabling occasions, and trying his best to go to service when he can. He is always willing to take recommendations for how he could do his position differently and trying to include everyone he can. Aviel always finds time to squeeze in CKI among his time with school and family!”
1. I joined Circle K after I heard about it in Key Club! I always regretted not doing more for my Key Club and my community so I made it a point to commit as much as I could to Circle K and to service!
2. Hmm… I don’t think I’d mind loosing a toe. It doesn’t really offer much plus I could just always wear socks.
3. I think being the new Public Relations Chair for UNLV Circle K really got me to open up this year, especially with public speaking. I dread talking to strangers! New student orientations over summer really helped me in particular with public speaking.
Foothill Division
Bonnie Judd, Mt. San Antonio College
“She attends so many events, even if it’s for another club. She also contacts her LTG frequently about events and is always enthusiastic to be an active part of her club & division as well as to serve her community.”
1. My love of community service and volunteer work. I have always loved volunteering for charities and other things that are needed throughout the communities. I stay in circle k because I know there are still room to be filled and I am needed along with friends. I meet and make along the way. I know i can serve as a volunteer through CKI. I have decided to make it some of my extracurricular throughout college.
2. A toe on my right foot because i cant feel that side of my body as well and it is often times difficult to put things like riding boots on because at least one toe like to curl. Lol.
3. Within this past year a big step out of my comfort zone would be when i went to Guatemala for my 1st flying mission trip. It really opened my mind into more of my personality that i didn’t even know was there. I have been able to talk to more people like in public transit with more ease at heart all 1st having to come out of my comfort zone to do it. Which as all been for good. I have really stepped out of my comfort zone moving for school. I come from San Diego but I wanted to go to a school with my interests at hand, so here I am today. I moved about a year ago now. It was a big leap of faith, but it has brought me an abundance of comfort as well.
Stay tuned to next Monday to see who will be recognized from the southern divisions: Magic Kingdom, Metro, and Paradise!