Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!


Welcome to a new month of MR Mondays! We’re starting something new with MR Mondays where the divisional MR Mondays will be condensed to the 2nd week of the month. For now, let’s recognize these wonderful members for building a foundation for the fall term!


Congratulations to…


🦅Capital Division🦅

Karishma Sira, UC Davis 

With the uncertainty of the upcoming fall term, Karishma has done an amazing job with creating a working space for our club’s annual, Children Halloween Party (CHI-HA-PA) by staying extremely organized and accessible to all members who choose to participate in helping to prepare. She’s utilized spaces such as Slack and Google Drive to keep all documents and meeting notes accessible as well as been easy to reach out to via Slack and Facebook Messenger. Additionally, she is going to serve on District Service committee and hosted a workshop for clubs if they need help in creating service opportunities for the upcoming fall term! Overall, she’s been super active with coming up with new service ideas/opportunities for the club and has been a really great individual to work with!!

Fun Fact: She’s the biggest Monsta X fan that I know


🐢Central Coast Division🐢

Melanya Tiratsuyan, Cal Lutheran

Melanya is an incredible President for Cal Lutheran CKI and has put her all in building her club up. She has innovative ideas and is never afraid to put herself out there and meet new people. Her work ethic and fun personality is admirable and she is an integral part of Central Coast!

Fun Fact: Melanya goes by Mel or Melly!


🍊Citrus Division🍊

Angelina Clinkenbeard, CSU Fullerton

Angelina took up a leadership role within CSUF CKI’s Service Committee, helping plan out the club’s first large scale single service project of the term! Her work through the Summer helped ensure that service opportunities remained readily available to all our members. She continues to go above and beyond and strives to create unique, engaging experiences for the club to share!

Fun Fact: Her neighbor tried breeding a coyote and a dog together


🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵

Sarem Khilji, UN Las Vegas

Sarem’s the embodiment of fellowship in the club! Every new person is greeted by Sarem, and he does an amazing job in creating the welcoming environment. We’re so grateful to have him in our club! <33

Fun Fact: His favorite saying is “You know what?!”


🔥Foothill Division🔥

Ping Tram, Pasadena City College

As MR Chair for Foothill, Ping has been working to rebuild the position into what the division needs now. She has been working hard to create lasting resources for the clubs and members to utilize while also planning one of our larger events, Foothill’s Welcome Night, which is only in its second year. With a little over six months left in the term, I look forward to seeing what Ping will be able to create for the future!

Fun Fact: Ping is in love with foxes. Send her fox photos or videos if you can.


🌉Golden Gate Division🌉

Joanne Cabanlit, CSU East Bay

Joanne is both an officer for her home club as VPA along with being Golden Gate’s Divisional MD&E chair, and she has shown great feats in all three tenets. Joanne is a very peppy individual, meaning she brings the life to the party with socials around the Division and especially her home club! She attends as many Circle K events as possible, especially service projects hosted by our division and other clubs within Golden Gate. Most importantly, she really exemplifies leadership with her dedication to both positions on club and divisional levels. Overall, Joanne really loves to put herself out there and give her 110% whenever possible, even if it cuts into her bedtime!

Fun Fact: Joanne has an early bedtime, around 10 PM -11 PM


🚊Metro Division🚊

Nathan Cortez, CSU Long Beach 

Nathan is the Metro Executive Assistant. He has helped me so much in everything that I do. He is the person to check on everybody on DLT, helps in all other tasks that don’t fall under a specific position, and when I was in Colorado for the last 2 weeks, he has been the person to guide the DLT and hosted a DLT meeting for me. He is a super big help!


🍍Paradise Division🍍

Maricela Alaniz, San Diego State University

She has been working extremely hard this month in her position, from making graphics for SDSU’s website, cki promotions, and upcoming events as well as releasing a newsletter for this month. Her efforts in managing SDSU’s social media have also contributed to promoting the club. This month Maricela has taken the time to go to board retreat and participate in the Disney Trivia Fundraiser.

Fun Fact: She is SDSU’s PR Chair!


🌅Sunset Division🌅

Kien Truong, San Jose State University

Kien has attended numerous of workshops as well as events hosted by DSC.

Fun Fact: Kien has been very active at divisional events!



We also got the nomination form for the October MR Mondays! Next month, we’ll be spotlighting members who have emphasized recruitment within their home club for this upcoming school year and created a welcoming environment for new members.


Check out the link below for the nomination form:


Deadline: Monday, September 28th at 10PM PDT/7PM HST!


See you in two weeks for the Members of the Month!