Hello, CNH Circle K!


We are coming down to the second to last Member Recognition Mondays to be presented for not only this month but for the 2018-2019 term as well. For this week, we are recognizing the members from each division who display a lot of affection to the members around them in their division!


Check out below to see what the Lieutenant Governors and others have to say about them.


Capital Division
Jing Yin, UN Reno
Jing always has a bright attitude at any and every Circle K event that she goes to! She is always showing her appreciation for her club and division and is always ready to meet new people! Many members across Capital know her for the love and appreciation that she gives to members across our division and district! We are all glad to have Jing as per of our beloved Capital family!!”


Central Coast Division
Remelli Huynh, Ventura College
She always helps out even when it’s not asked of her or part of her position and is always willing to drive people to and from events.”


Desert Oasis Division
Henry Casarez, UC Riverside
Henry is really nice and approachable. He’s funny and always talks to everyone and I just love whenever he is around cause he makes me have fun. You can feel the love off him LOL.”


Foothill Division
Valerie Paredes, CSU Los Angeles
For being a dedicated president and more importantly loving friend. She makes the effort to make her club a welcoming environment and is always sharing laughs and experiences with her club and division.”


Golden Gate Division
Trisha Dang, University of San Francisco
Even though she is a new member in the division, she has been super friendly towards other members in the division, brings out her bubbly personality at every divisional events, and makes sure that others around her feel welcomed. In addition, as a Vice President of Service within her club, she also goes out of her way to support other board members and the club in general. Her warm and caring personality are things that make Trisha a great contribution towards building community within the division!”


Magic Kingdom Division
Tommy Thach, Orange Coast College
You’re doing great sweetie!! Every time I talk to Tommy, he has something positive to say! He’s a confidant for many people, and just a genuine friend to all. He’s also appreciative of the small things that others might not notice. From his committee to the members of his home club, he has been appreciative of the people around him and is very loving. Tommy can put a smile on your face no matter how you’re feeling.”


Metro Division
Jennifer Sung, University of Southern California
Jenn is such a kind and caring person. You can’t help, but feel the love when you’re around her. She cares so much for her members, club, and even those around the division.”


Paradise Division
Addy Cantu, CSU San Marcos
Addy Cantu is very loving and caring friend! She enjoys the little things in life and loves sharing photos and memories with the club. She enjoys working with kids during service events and really appreciates her time at Circle K. Whenever Addy’s in the room, the overall vibe becomes a bit more cheerful! Addy makes both CSUSM and Paradise a much more caring environment.”


Sunset Division
Jonash Poyaoan, UC Santa Cruz
Jonash serves as the VPS at UCSC Circle K along with being on the FTC committee and Sunset Division Leadership team. He does his best in all of his roles and wherever he goes he always tries to bring positivity. He is a fun, energetic, and lovable member that is filled with lots of love.”



Stay tuned to next week, which will be about members who y’all thought should become leaders or continue to be leaders!