Happy early Turkey Day, CNH Circle K!

We are coming to a close with November, which means that this week is the last week of recognition pertaining to our prompt of new members being active. This week is all about the southern region of our District: Magic Kingdom, Metro, and Paradise.

Check out what the Lieutenant Governors or their peers thought about them below!

Magic Kingdom Division
John Diego, UC Irvine
Above and beyond only begins to describe this new member! John has been consistently active in his home club. He has attended almost every event that the UC Irvine has put on, and even attended the October Divisional Service Project and the Divisional Unity Day and Spirit Night! He not only attends these projects, but he encourages other members to come as well. He has already chaired his first service project too. Keep on THRIVING John!”


Metro Division
Alyssa Bagamaspad, Pierce College
It’s only been a month since she’s joined, but she’s already stepped up to fill the treasurer position for her club! Since she was appointed, she’s already planned a handful of fundraisers and even fixing treasurer problems that was passed down to her.”


Paradise Division
Evan Lin, UC San Diego
Evan has certainly made his mark in UCSD Circle K, not only by going out continuously to services and socials but also putting himself out there to meet new members. Being that it’s his first year here, he’s definitely made great and lasting impressions with every single person that he’s met. His love and passion for service and the club can be seen from miles away and his sweet demeanor makes him super easy to talk to.”


MR Mondays nomination form for the month of December is now OPEN! Click on the link HERE to nominate a member who you think is constantly looking after other members and making them feel at home! The form will close next Monday, November 26th, at 10 PM PST/ 8 PM HST.

Stay tuned to next week to see all of our October Members of the Month!