Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!

Hurray! We’ve reached the third Monday of this thankful month of November! This week is dedicated to the southern divisions of Citrus, Metro, and Paradise! Read about the spotlights below and why they were chosen!


🍊Citrus Division🍊
Alfred Aung, Orange Coast College

All the way from Myanmar, Alfred Aung made his first set of friends at Orange College College Circle K this year and hasn’t stopped making new friends since. As their newly appointed Social and Spirit chair, he displays a genuine interest in what others have to say and his enthusiasm for helping others never halts. No matter what volunteer task is handed to him, he would do the work gladly and always finishes them with a smile. This enthusiasm for volunteering inspires others to also complete their tasks with an uplifted spirit and encourages them to make a lasting impact in their community. He also really pushes himself to get elevate his leadership by taking initative throughout Fall Training Conference to lead some Citrus cheers. When asked about his CKI experience, Alfred says he hopes to never stop growing with Circle K.
Fun Fact: Alfred likes to sing!


🚊Metro Division🚊
Michael O’Hara, CSU Long Beach

Michael has been an extremely friendly, active, and optimistic member whenever he attends events. He has joined Circle K ecstatic to help his community and we welcome him with open arms. Anyone who knows Michael will tell you the same thing and I am stoked to see him so involved. He has a great future in Circle K and I cannot wait to see what Michael has in store for CSULB, Metro, and the Kiwanis family in general. Way to go Michael!
Fun Fact: Michael’s goal is to become a lawyer one day!


🍍Paradise Division🍍
Louis Mendoza, CSU San Marcos

Louis is constantly making a difference within his home club. He goes out of his way to attend as many events and meetings as he can and is always brightening up the mood. He makes those around him laugh and has a welcoming aura that surrounds him. He’s always down for different activities, especially playing card games. In addition to being an active member within the club, Louis also serves CSU San Marcos as Vice President of Service. He finds and plans events that members will enjoy and is always taking member feedback and suggestions into his planning. Louis is a vital part of his home club and has made a significant difference since he has joined.
Fun Fact: Louis dabbed as we walked off the stage at Fall Training Conference 2018 after being officially inducted into Circle K International.



The holidays are coming right around the corner, and so is another month of MR Mondays! Know someone who has inspired others to stay in CKI? Let us know by sharing it with us in the nomination form so that the district can know!

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Nominations will close next Monday, November 25th at 10PM PDT/8PM HST!



Thank you for tuning in and we’ll see you all next week as we go into October Member of the Month!