Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,
Welcome to week 4 of August Member Recognition Mondays! MR Mondays is a District recognition program aimed to recognize Circle K members for their involvement in our organization. The members seen below went above and beyond for the last month of July and are considered to be Members of the Month.
See what the Lieutenant Governors had to say about them, and their answers to these three questions:

1. Who do you look up to in Circle K, and why?
2. What’s invisible but you wish people can see?
3. Through what medium would you like to get cool when you have been wandering under the sun all day?

Capital Division
David Nguyen, Sacramento City College
“David has been going above and beyond, attending events outside the home club and on the divisional level, offering carpool for the home club and giving support to others wherever and whenever. He always ran the extra mile as an active member in this organization, even when he just joined only months ago. He applied for Capital division committees and put in so much effort to ensure the happiness and enjoyment of members at July DCM, while ensuring members had a tent to sleep in! He has made such an active presense in Capital Division and plans to take in every experience that this organization has to offer! The Eagle of the Month goes to David Nguyen from Sacramento City College.”
1. I look up to my cousins Sienna from Sac State because back when I was in high school, she was always active in the circle k and I knew this was something I would want to do. She told me a lot about it and how much it had made her a better person. So I thought about it a lot during high school and made myself official I want to join circle K in college. I look up to her a lot because the impact it had on her made her a wonderful and lovable person she is today. She was Secretary, President of Sac State, and was part of the DCON Committee. So much positivity out of her made me want to be positive just like her.
2. What I see invisible is my missing members from my club. We don’t have a lot lol. I hope later in the future we have more members this year because I feel like circle K brings a lot of people together. I love service and making new friends. It brings the best out of me. Hopefully this year my club have more members and plan out more socials and service events. Because more active members means more bonding and positive vibes lol.
3. I’m not sure what that means. If I understand this right, a sun that isn’t too hot where I am on the floor, gasping for air, and becoming a baked chicken human being. I like my sun cool and give me a good tan 😎.
Central Coast Division
Sopheak Suy, Ventura College
“Sopheak is one of the most hard working individuals out there, and has been keeping Ventura College active this summer. She has not only planned every event, but also participated in all of them. And as president, she keeps her members motivated to keep doing service over the summer. She is truly an inspiration for her club and is the driving force behind her club’s continued success!”
1. I look up to every CKI member who has gone above and beyond. And to just see them grow into new positions, I think Nicolas Wright my LTG is someone I look up too because we started off as presidents last year and now he’s an LTG so seeing that growth and new chapter of his life is great. I also still get to work with him so it’s really cool. He’s also a chartering Presidents like me so it’s nice to see that growth and just everything you can truly accomplish and gain in CKI. 
2. I wish people could see sincerity and honesty within each other. I know like sometimes when people say “oh you did great”, but you didn’t think that and you’re unsure if they truly meant it or not. I think being able to see that will probably help others get rid of their self doubt and become more open on being them because they see the sincerity and honesty in others.
3. I would like to be by a pool along side some ice cold water and watermelon to replenish myself. Also, since it’s so hot I really don’t want to be dehydrated.

Desert Oasis Division
Vinh Tran, UN Las Vegas
“Vinh is someone who dedicates most of his time to service. He has been a great member and really helpful with setting up with New Student Orientations, as well as helping advocate for the club. He stays active at service and events and helps out the club as much as he can! Vinh, himself, is a fun guy that has all the best memes.”
1. I look up to Nit (Phetsamone Maokhamphiou) because he has committed time, energy, so much more for the club and for those around him. He doesn’t hesitate to help anyone in need of anything and I really look up to him for that
2. Sometimes I wish people can see how people are really feeling.  Aside from physical signs like expressions and everything, a smile can always hide something deeper and sometimes that person just needs someone to overlook that front and give them a helping hand 
3. I like water to stay cool and hydrated inside and out from drinking or just pouring it on me


Foothill Division
Maranda Rocha, Pasadena City College
“Maranda held a unique and fun fundraiser that our whole district got to participate in. In total, $202 was raised! Besides her work she’s also a good friend to her club mates and always bringing energy and enthusiasm wherever she goes.”
1. I believe the person I look up to the most in Circle K is my big, Amanda Liao. She has always been so outgoing and nice and she never fails to try and help new members feel welcomed. I have always seen her take her position the extra mile and when our club lost our vps and our secretary, she stepped up and filled in for those roles along with her duties as VPA. Amazingly, she didn’t stop there and continued on to become apart of our DLT. She inspires me to do the best that I can do with my position and she continuously supports me through it all.
2. It would be my love for them because sometimes I can’t express how much I truly care for or appreciate someone so to have something visual to represent it would be nice.
3. After wandering in the sun all day, I think my favorite way to get cool is to go home and turn up the air conditioner and drink some water, maybe eat some ice cream, and then take a nap. That’s what I’ve been doing for these past couple of hot days and it’s felt amazing.


Golden Gate Division
Brandon Abrego, UC Berkeley
“Brandon is an incoming Freshmen that recently graduated from Key Club and is now part of UC Berkeley Circle K! While taking summer session classes, he has been very involved with going to club events, getting acquainted with the division, and also helped planned UC Berkeley’s Member Takeover meeting. Brandon’s involvement has been truly admirable and I hope that he continues to explore what CKI has to offer!”
1. Well I look up to my board because they welcomed a stranger (me) with open arms and made me feel at home coming to college for the first time. I was also inspired that many of them were active members freshman year, which made me want to be as active as possible.
2. While not really invisible, I feel that most of the time we are so fixated on the negative aspects that we ignore the positive ones. There’s lots of good people working in the background that get overshadowed by negativity.
3. Too cool off after a long day under the sun, I would like to travel to a room at zero degrees Kelvin or digest icecream in a Bose-Einstein condensate form, because I’m not a fan of the heat but I can handle any amount of cold.


Magic Kingdom Division
Katherine Hoang, Orange Coast College
“Motivation and determination are two words that describe this member! Katherine, or Kitty Kat, serves as Club President and has gone above and beyond to serve her home club and the division this entire Summer. She has held consistent Summer General Meetings since school has gone into Summer session and brings out several members to divisional events and other clubs’ events! She hosted a joint meeting with another school in Magic Kingdom and even serves on the FTC Committee while doing all this. She works diligently to provide her members with a great Circle K experience, and is always positive. Keep shining Kat!!”
1. I quite literally and figuratively look up to Katelyn Duch. I have so much respect for her because, despite all of her responsibilities, she will go out of her way to help you out. Her perseverance, diligence and people-loving nature are just a few of her qualities that continue to inspire me.
2. People’s intentions or emotions because sometimes its hard to grasp other people’s feelings and to be able to see them would encourage more honest communication.
3. You would find me eating Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar with the air conditioning on blast.


Metro Division
Jao San Agustin, CSU Long Beach
“This past couple months Jao has been becoming such an active and dedicated member. Hes woken up really early countless of times for those early morning Service projects. He’s also stepped up his leadership game by being part of his club’s Historian committee as a photographer. On top of that he’s also been promoting fellowship by being inclusive and welcoming everyone with open arms.”
1. I look up to those in Circle K that have seniority over me, especially those within my own club (CSULB CKI) because they are the ones I can better connect with and learn from. They have been mentoring me in more ways that I had imagined since joining spring of 2018. I receive guidance and support from them as I pursue my potential. These people are my friends, some closer than others. Nonetheless, they all make the club a place where newcomers like myself feel comfortable enough to belong with. They inspire me to be a better member of the club and of the community, but more importantly, a better person overall. They make amazing role models that I aim to become in the eyes of upcoming members.
2. I wish people can see emotions, all sorts of them. Not everyone is good with words. A lot of conflicts and misunderstandings stem from wrong tone or word choice. If there is a way to show how you feel rather that grasping for words that don’t feel right at the moment, then I think that will make the world a better place. Or at least a place with less confusion.
3. My preferred way to cool down is through cold beverages, water and iced tea in particular. I also like to take extra cold showers.


Paradise Division
Sheena Carmela Juliano, UH Manoa College
“Sheena currently serves as the VPA of UH Manoa College. Though separated by great distance it has been an absolute joy getting to know Sheena. She has worked hard for her club this summer assisting her board, participating events, and taking a large role in the planning process of Hawai’i visitation. She is a wonderfully optimistic person and a delight to be around. She embodies the resilience determination and warm hospitality that Hawai’i’s culture is so known for and a wonderful part of CNH.”
1. Someone I look up to would have to be my UH Manoa CKI clubs past President, Ace Cabato because he was my first friend in our club that made my experience in the club fun and worthwhile! He was a good president and a very nice person overall, so I look up to him because he reminds me that there are good people in the world.
2. Something invisible I wish people could see is our own time I guess. Like I think we tend to forget life can be a beautiful yet short thing and so I feel like if people could see and appreciate the essence of time, they wouldn’t be as afraid of holding back but be more willing to make the most of every day and moment and just live life freely with no regrets! 
3. When I’ve been wandering under the sun for a day, I would like to get cool through a medium-sized strawberry banana smoothie or pineapple craze at jamba juice 🤪


Sunset Division
Tommy Huynh, San Jose State University
“Tommy is an upcoming second year at San Jose State University and currently serve as the Vice President of Service. Tommy has been working hard throughout the summer and coordinating different service events for the members to come out to. He has also been active on the divisional level as well as coming to our DCMs and Divisional Service Projects along with attending various events.”
1.There’s a lot of people in Circle K International that I look up to. One of them is my former president and current LTG Jenifer Tai.  On the way to becoming LTG she faced a lot of obstacles and unfortunate events within and outside CKI.  In the end she did her best to overcome those situations and that is why she is the person she is  today. The most important thing I learned from her is that even though life may hit you hard but you can always climb back up and become a great leader.  Other than overcoming difficult obstacles there are people who at look up to because their leadership ability.  As someone who is extremely shy and very anxious I tend to lookup to people who have outgoing personalities . When it comes to public speaking/communication I believe Alan Baez and Monica  Willemsz from SJSU Circle K really do a great job of that.  They inspire me because they are not afraid to show off their personalities and I really try to learn from them whether its talking to a group of people or just one person.                                           
2. Anxiety. I wish people can see when someone is nervous/ anxious so they won’t put that person in a even more uncomfortable position.
3. Jump right into a swimming pool!


The September MR Mondays nomination form is closing TONIGHT at 10 PM PDT/ 7 PM HST. Please be sure to find it within your respective division’s Facebook group page and nominate some members who are not afraid to go beyond their comfort zone!