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It’s the end of August and we have reached the conclusion of this month’s edition of Member Recognition Mondays! We’re wrapping up this month with the July Member of the Month where the individuals from all nine of our divisions will be spotlighted for embodying our tenets!


🦅Capital Division🦅
Michael Reyes, CSU Sacramento

Michael is an active member who constant attends both club and division events. He also supports other school’s events, such as Sacramento State Circle K. During events he always puts all the effort in to serve his community. His passion and dedication to this organization is worth every recognition.
🐢Central Coast Division🐢
Quan Vandinh, UC Santa Barbara

As an executive assistant, Quan has been doing an amazing job for his division. He has always been there to support and help his LTG and do beyond his duties as an executive assistant. Central Coast would not have reached their achievements without his passion and dedication. Despite his busy schedule of summer classes, he never sacrificed the quality of his leadership as Executive Assistant. Among the events he successfully helped plan the Central Coast’s July DCM, attended President’s Retreat as a representative in replace of his president and represented his L&R committee at July District Board Meeting. He has shown passion and care for his division which definitely deserves to be recognized.
🍊Citrus Division🍊
Garrett Moore, CSU Fullerton

Since his first semester in Circle K, Garrett Moore has established himself as the CSUF CKI’s “Joji” and one of the most hardworking members in Citrus Division by taking on early service projects and learning new graphic design skills to support his home club.
🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵
Annie Zhou, UC Riverside

Annie has been going out to weekly soup kitchens all throughout the month of July and has overall been very active. She’s also helped at tabling during UCR’s orientation sessions when she could. Annie brings a lot of positive energy to the CKI club at UCR!
🔥Foothill Division🔥
Ana Valdez, Pasadena City College

Ana Valdez is the membership development and education chair, registration go west chair and Secretary at Pasadena City College. She showcases her passion to lead and encourages new members at PCC to reach out of their comfort zone. With all of her commitments, she still finds time to participate in divisional and at home club related events. Ana is very friendly and easy to talk to; and she never misses a beat to talk about BTS! Ana exhibits the CKI core tenet of Leadership, as she leads with confidence and makes members at PCC feel welcomed! Ana shows her CKI pride and is a great member for Hot Pot Foothill! So let’s show this hot pot how boiling we are about her!
🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Emilia Bury, Santa Rosa Junior College

Emilia has been doing so much this term! We love her enthusiasm to attend events and always being ready to do service. She’s always the first to bring up new ideas and questions that push her club to do new things!
🚊Metro Division🚊
Amir Patel, UC Los Angeles

Amir has stepped up to take on Secretary of his club and continues to stay involved in various types of events. His friendliness is contagious and he always tries his best to interact with everyone. His ability to encourage members to participate in events is admirable and is a sure sign that UCLA will have a great officer to help with recruitment. Overall, Amir is an all around good person to be around and any member, whether in his home club or Metro, would tell you the same thing.
🍍Paradise Division🍍
Peter Abanto, San Diego State University

Throughout the summer, Peter has been active within the division as much as he can. He regularly goes to events over the weekends and also drives members and himself to and from events. He attends different meetings throughout the division such as a UCSD meeting as well as the July DCM. Even though he only began his Circle K journey at the beginning of this past school year, Peter continues to go above and beyond to help others, the division, and the community. He has a strong passion for service and helping others around him. He truly is an example of the three tenets of Circle K. Although he is going into his last year in college, there is no doubt he will continue to be an active member within Circle K and his community.
🌅Sunset Division🌅
Allison Ono, UC Santa Cruz

Over the summer, Alison has been very active by going to both divisional and club events. I definitely think this shows her determination and passion to serve, especially as members are usually not as active over the summer. At events, she’s also very friendly and will make sure to talk to new members, or anyone who looks as if they’re feeling a little lost or lonely. Allison is one of the kindest individuals I’ve gotten to meet during my time in CKI and is deserving of this recognition!

This is also a reminder that the nomination form for September MR Mondays is still open! If you know a member in mind who has brought positivity to their club, now is the time to boast about them!

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Thank you all for tuning in to the first month of MR Mondays, see you next week!