Greetings, CNH Circle K!


We’re reaching the last week of January where we will be recognizing our Members of the Month of December! These are the members who have excelled greatly in our tenets within their division. Be sure to give them a warm congratulations, and check out down below to see what the Lieutenant Governors have to say about them!


Capital Division
Carolyn Tran, University of the Pacific
This member has showcased so much passion and love for this organization! Ever since this member first joined Circle K, this member immediately became active and grew to express and embody our three tenets: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. She even surprised the bigs/mentors of her club with helping in organizing the littles to make gifts for the bigs for a reverse gift exchange at their new member installation banquet. We are all looking forward to seeing where this member goes in her CKI journey. You can catch her making bets and meeting and bonding with new members across our division, other than that she . From UOP, Carolyn Tran.”


Central Coast Division
Heather Vo, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Heather is the treasurer at Cal Poly and has been doing a great job this past term, but an even more stellar job this past month! She has been encouraging members to become more involved and has recently planned three fundraisers for the upcoming quarter! Her perseverance and hard work can be seen throughout the club, and her actions may be the spark this club has been needing for the past few months.”


Desert Oasis Division
Cody Pinzon, UN Las Vegas
Cody Pinzon has served well as UNLV’s Kiwanis Family Chair for the month December. Although he is back in Hawaii for winter break, Cody has done an amazing job for the club before leaving. Cody, has been working incredibly hard with Kiwanis family clubs and Key Clubbers to host a successful Key to College; as well as, attending Key Club DCMs to represent UNLV. -Charlene Sullivan”


Foothill Division
Cameron Pun, Pasadena City College
Cameron was the 2018 Go West chair and did a spectacular job (along with her committee) to pull of such a large scale event for members across our district. Circle K’ers got a chance to not only decorate rose floats, but have fun chilling with others by playing dodge ball or simply chatting and bonding over service. Cameron chaired an event that was held shortly after finals and amidst the holidays-that’s tough! Despite getting little to no rest around this time, she stuck through and had a successful Go West!”


Golden Gate Division
Ryan Luu, CSU East Bay
Ryan is a first year at CSU East Bay studying Biology. He has also been very active with both the club and division. Through the club level, he has created many new cheers for East Bay and also helped out with teaching the cheers to the rest of Golden Gate at FTC! Even at FTC, he has also led a couple divisional cheers, which really helped get people riled up to cheer even louder! As a first year, he is also very eager to go to divisional events and has always brought his best self to our divisional events. His warm, extroverted, and personable character are some of the components that makes Ryan such a great member! We hope to see more of Ryan this term!”


Magic Kingdom Division
Samuel Lee, CSU Fullerton
Sam was a very quiet member when he first joined CSUF CKI. He wouldn’t initiative conversations and he was kept to himself, however, through the friends he met in the club, he was able to slowly show what made Sam so unique. He has started to share ideas and opinions with his peers and even chaired one of our Divisional Service Projects for CSUF! Now you can catch Sam doing Fortnight Dances or attending board meetings to learn more about CKI.”


Metro Division
Heri Guzman, Pierce College
Within the past two months, this member has shown much dedication towards the club by making it out to all events possible. Whether it be a social or service event, we can always expect him to make it as well as provide a ride for any club member. And even after events, Heri would stay after events to hang out with the rest of the club members. Within these past two months, Heri has truly embodied all three tenets.”


Paradise Division
Amy Tang, UC San Diego


Sunset Division
Brian Sangalang, UC Santa Cruz
Brian has been helping out in the club level a lot. He also worked hard to plan the new member installs banquet for his home club. Brian has been bringing a positive vibe to his home club members and making it welcoming.”



With January Member Recognition Mondays coming to an end, the very last time we will be presenting MR Mondays will be for the month of February. HOWEVER, there is a special edition, so please be sure to look out for the form because you can vote up to FOUR different kinds of members within your division!