Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!

We’ve reached the end of the month which means we’re going to be recognizing the December Members of the Month! Please give a round of applause for these individuals from all nine of our divisions!

Congratulations to…

🦅Capital Division🦅
Alyssa Chavez, CSU Sacramento

She recently hosted Gift of Giving which is a huge kfam event for her club that was open to the whole division as well as all the branches of kiwanis.

🐢Central Coast Division🐢
Ethan Kwong, UC Santa Barbara

Ethan is VPS for UC Santa Barbara CKI and has consistently planned and hosted events every week. Ethan has been working hard to provide opportunities to all his members.

Fun Fact: Ethan was Service Chair for his club last term! Service KING!!

🍊Citrus Division🍊
Jess Banh, UC Irvine

Jess has always been a pretty active member since she joined the club last year, but this year it’s almost impossible to miss her at events. While also being in our club’s fundraising and service committees, Jess has continually been contributing to our club and always providing joy for the people who get to interact with her. Her humor and desire to get to know new people in the club is really inspiring to other members and our club truly wouldn’t be the same without her!

Fun Fact: She likes the music of Phoebe Bridgers!

🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵
Aviel Geronimo, UN Las Vegas

Aviel is one of the oldest members in the club (oh, how time flies 😩😪) LOL but Aviel is one of the most reliable people I’ve ever met. Aviel makes this club fun, even for an oldie like me :’)

Fun Fact: He can do the thing 🎵

🔥Foothill Division🔥
Chloe O’Connor, Pasadena City College

She has been hosting many countless service events for her home club. For every event she’s hosted, she’s always making sure that every member is welcomed and comfortable. Props to her for taking on the Service marathon last month!

Fun Fact: She works at a boba shop and loves going to concerts!

🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Lucas O’neil, Diablo Valley College

Lucas is a caring and enthusiastic member of our Circle K family. While taking up President of his club, studying for classes and working at his jobs, he does his best to create a wonderful experience during events even going the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and welcomed.

🚊Metro Division🚊
Pearl Netrayana, CSU Long Beach

Pearl exemplifies the best of what our organization has to offer, and many who know her at her home club would most certainly agree. She is one of the club’s most active, hard-working members, participating as much as possible at events and bonding with members of her family within CSULB. Pearl leaves a meaningful impact on her club and those around her through her enthusiasm and warm attitude towards all, and for that, I would like to nominate her for MR Mondays.

Fun fact: Pearl graduated from Cerritos College last year with Highest Honors, earning 3 associate degrees before transferring to CSULB!

🍍Paradise Division🍍
Joaquin Ramento, UC San Diego

Joaquin has been attending many of the events that UCSD hosts and brings positivity and light by making people laugh. He’s also been active by joining both the Winter Recruitment Team and LSSFP.

🌅Sunset Division🌅
Ivanna Mendez (UC Santa Cruz)

Bridging the gap between home club and other clubs in the division. Whether it’s group chats, discord, or events she is there.

Fun Fact: Ivanna Mendez: is baby. Her and Sunset are a matcha made in heaven, brew-tea-full Shark-Duck pride. Super chat-tea, hit her up if you want to talk tea. (Writing this was so tea-dious. Also, if you hate puns don’t be sal-tea, these puns are quali-tea)

We also got the nomination form for the February MR Mondays! Next month, we’ll be spotlighting one member from each division who is deserving of recognition!


Deadline: TODAY! Monday, January 25th at 10PM PDT/7PM HST!