Divisional News

University of California, Riverside Board

March 16, 2015

The University of California, Riverside CKI has officially released their full Executive and Appointed Boards! Be sure to congratulate them when you see them! The Appointed Board (from left to right) is as follows: Jason Kettlewell – Fundraising Chair Mindy Pang – Historian Roberto Rea –…

Divisional T-Shirts

March 16, 2015

Hello everyone! At this time, I would like to announce that we are accepting pre-orders for Divisional T-Shirts! T-Shirts are $10.00 per shirt, or $11.00 for XXL and above. More details can be found by clicking here (yes, it's facebook. I am sorry).

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Elections

February 26, 2015

Good evening everyone! Tonight, UNLVCKI celebrated their “Formal Fourth” meeting, which had a great turnout! They also had their club elections. Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Executive Board of UNLVCKI! President: Stanton Rucker Vice President of Administration: James Shoung Vice President of Service: Christy Covington Secretary:…

Chiongship Recipient

February 20, 2015

Hello everyone! For those of you that missed our most recent Divisional Council Meeting, we announced the recipient of the DCON scholarship, aka the “Chiongship.” Our recipient was Jarret Jimeno, from…

University of California, Riverside Elections

February 5, 2015

Greetings one and all! Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to attend UCRCKI's club elections. At this time, I would like to congratulate the 2015-2016 Executive board of UCRCKI! President: Ryan Lewis Vice President of Service: Linda Lam Vice President of Administration: Celine Mansjur Secretary: Ariane Loong…

The Desert Oasis Chiongship

January 30, 2015

Hello everyone! The “Chiongship” is a Desert Oasis divisional scholarship that is offered to a new member, or a member who has not attended a Cal-Nev-Ha Circle K International District Convention. This scholarship will allow the recipient to attend District Convention without…