Over the past week, the district committee chairs have dedicated their time to reading over a multitude of applications and interviewing applicants. It was not an easy decision given the passionate and large applicant pool. On behalf of the chairs, we would like to thank everyone who put the time and effort in applying for district committees and allowing us to get to know you and understand your vision for the district.

With that being said, the District Board of Officers would like to present the 2016-2017 District Committees!


2016-17 District Board

Communications & Marketing Committee
Communications & Marketing Chair Heyun Jeong (UC Berkeley)
Tech Editor Joseph Le (UC San Diego)
Cinematographer Kevin Cruz (UC Merced)
External Outreach Daniel Lang (UN Reno)
External Outreach Kiet Tat (Folsom Lake College)
Graphic Designer Kristi Parada (CSU Long Beach)
Graphic Designer Jennifer Hoang (Orange Coast College)
Internal Outreach Angela Lagrada (CSU Fullerton)
Internal Outreach Julie Shiozaki (UC San Diego)
Newsletter Editor Emilie Shen (UC San Diego)
Social Media Tianna Nguy (Foothill College)
District Convention Committee
District Convention Chair Sienna Serrano (UC Irvine)
Executive Assistant Emily Wong (UC Irvine)
Audio/Visual Andrew Thai (UC San Diego)
Decorations & Souvenirs Biancka Dela Cruz (De Anza College)
Decorations & Souvenirs Tiffany Huynh (UC Irvine)
Entertainment Angelica Ubungen (UC Riverside)
Professional Expo Helen Nguyen (Orange Coast College)
Graphics/Programs Andy Nguyen (CSU Fullerton)
Honors Reception Annie Tran (Orange Coast College)
Registration Jonathan Dwyer (UC Riverside)
Sergeant-at-Arms Phetsamone Maokhamphiou (UN Las Vegas)
Slideshow/Promotion George Hernandez (UC Irvine)
Talent Show Jonathan Htike (UC Irvine)
VIP Host Kristian Balmes (UC Irvine)
Workshops Michelle Lin (UC Davis)
Workshops Lillian Sam (University of Pacific)
Fall Training Conference
Fall Training Conference Chair Claire Lee (UC Berkeley)
Executive Assistant Lindon Tran (UCLA)
Audio/Visual Michael Zhang (UCLA)
Campfire Jasmine Liu (Diablo Valley College)
Decorations (Backdrops) Jezekiel Mark Apelar (CSU Long Beach)
Decorations (Centerpieces) Marianne Lagasca (SFSU)
Entertainment & Dining Kevin Nguyen (Orange Coast College)
Graphics Priscilla Lu (UC Irvine)
Program Alan Kwok (Diablo Valley College)
Registration Jasmine Lin (UC Berkeley)
Sergeant-at-Arms Nathan Heger (UC Riverside)
Slideshows Josh Montefalcon (UC Irvine)
Team Activities Edward Huang (CSU Sacramento)
Workshops Andrea Seet (UC Berkeley)
Workshops Roberto Ruiz (Los Medanos College)
Finance & Fundraising
Finance & Fundraising Chair Donald Franks (UC Berkeley)
Executive Assistant (Administrative) Andrea Famularcano (SFSU)
Executive Assistant (Projects) Ivan Hoz (Orange Coast College)
Crazy Komp for Infants North Matthew Molloy (UN Reno)
Crazy Komp for Infants South Omar Sanchez (UC Irvine)
Promotions Quyen Nguyen (UC Irvine)
Kiwanis Family House Ambassador Sandy Ito (CSU Sacramento)
Pediatric Trauma Program Ambassador Ia Faye Sison (UN Las Vegas)
UNICEF Ambassador Alondra Covarrubias (UCLA)
Kiwanis Family & Foundation Committee
Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair Josef Madrigal (UCLA)
Executive Assistant Matthew Chang (UC Berkeley)
Media Assistant Jacqueline Tsang (UC Berkeley)
Northern Liaison Katty Xayadeth (SFSU)
Central Liaison Kristy Dai (UC Riverside)
Southern Liaison Helen Nguyen (Orange Coast College)
Resources Lindon Tran (UCLA)
Workshops & Webinars Nick Stringfellow (UCLA)
Tabling Derek Chu (UC Santa Barbara)
Membership Development & Education Committee
Membership Development & Education Chair Christopher Riley (CSU Fullerton)
Executive Assistant Alfred Lam (UC Riverside)
Club Building & Revitalization Rochelle Salvador (Chapman University)
Resources Sean Adversalo (UC Riverside)
Webinar Marcela Caldera (UCLA)
District Representatives Demitra Hoang (CSU San Marcos)
Helen He (UC Santa Barbara)
Jasmine Barruga (Los Angeles City College)
Jonathan Htike (UC Irvine)
Kian Falah (UC San Diego)
Mamu Kimura (UN Las Vegas)
Member Recognition Committee
Member Recognition Chair Natalie Mann (CSU Long Beach)
Administrative Executive Assistant Manuel Santiago (Orange Coast College)
Creative Assistant Paula Le (CSU Long Beach)
Member Recognition Program/Master Records Sheet Esther Wang (UC San Diego)
Northern Representative Thuy Tran (CSU Sacaramento)
Central Representative Terrence James Diaz (Harvey Mudd College/Claremont Colleges)
Southern Representative Jack Wang (Orange Coast College)
Service Committee
Service Chair Vivian Tran (UC San Diego)
Executive Assistant Steffanie Tran (UC Santa Barbara)
District Large Scale Service Project North Ryan Tsao (UC Berkeley)
District Large Scale Service Project South Lily Lequang (UCLA)
Donations Jong Choi (UCLA)
Donations Karina Gonzalez (CSU Fullerton)
Donations Samantha Ruiz (UN Las Vegas)
On-site Christina Tran (Orange Coast College)
Registration Abigail Pearman (UC Davis)
Registration Sonia Xu (UC Irvine)
Service Initiatives Numfon Vilay (UN Reno)
Service Resources Cailey Barnes (UC Irvine)