Hello CNH!

We are so excited to announce and work alongside the 2019-2020 District Committee members! We would like to give our warmest welcome to all incoming committee members!


πŸ— Club Building & Revitalization Committee πŸ—

Chair β€” Joshua Nepomuceno (CSU Northridge)

Executive Assistant β€” Stephanie Li (University of San Francisco)

Northern Regional Specialist β€” Nicolas Wright (Cal Poly SLO)

Regional Specialist At-Large / Revitalization Lead β€” Jennifer Tai (San Jose State University)

Southern Specialist β€” Ethan Chen (CSU Fullerton)


β˜€οΈ Communications & Marketing Committee β˜€οΈ

Chair β€” Erica Wei (UC San Diego)

Internal Relations Chair β€” Sandra Cheng (CSU Fullerton)

External Relations Chair β€” Brennan Cain (UC Riverside)

Publications Editor β€” Joshua Ranario (University of the Pacific)

Social Media Coordinator β€” Angela Chen (UC San Diego)

Cinematographer β€” Nathan Dang (CSU Fullerton)

Cinematographer β€” Ryan Yee (Sacramento State University)

Graphic Designer β€” Garrett Moore (CSU Fullerton)

Graphic Designer β€” Anne Dang (CSU Fullerton)


πŸŽ‰ District Convention Committee πŸŽ‰

Chair β€” Nora Lovell (UC Davis)

Executive Assistant β€” Tommy Thach (Orange Coast College ➑️ CSU Long Beach)

Entertainment β€” Johnny Le (Orange Coast College)

Graphics β€” Nicolette Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)

Honors Reception/VIP Host β€” Winnie Lam (UC Irvine)

Media β€” Allana Elarmo (UC Riverside)

Professional Exposition β€” Brandon Capulong (Sacramento State University)

Sergeant-at-Arms β€” Kyle San Jose (UC Irvine)

Registration β€” Anne Le (Orange Coast College)

Talent Show β€” Kathy Tran (CSU Fullerton)

Technology β€” Vincent Vu (Cal Poly Pomona)

Workshops β€” Cammie Lam (CSU Long Beach)

Workshops β€” Mickey Cuento (UN Las Vegas)


πŸ•οΈ Fall Training Conference Committee πŸ•οΈ

Chair β€” Olivia Chang (CSU Long Beach)

Executive Assistant β€” Jonathan Chu (UC Los Angeles)

Executive Assistant β€” Aaron Lee (Pasadena City College)

Campfire Skits & Talent Acts Chair β€” Douglas Shimizu (CSU Fullerton)

Decorations Chair (Backdrop) β€” Alison Ono (UC Santa Cruz)

Decorations Chair (Centerpieces) β€” Vy Bui (CSU Fullerton)

Entertainment & Dining Chair β€” Madeline Villanueva (UC Riverside)

Graphics Chair β€” Nhi Truong (UC Los Angeles)

Media Chair β€” Ralph Gamboa (Sacramento State University)

Programs Chair β€” Tate Yeung (Cal Poly SLO)

Registration Chair β€” Jenny Koug (Pasadena City College)

Sergeant-At-Arms Chair β€” Alicia Sieu (UC Irvine)

Team Activities Chair β€” Jason Liu (UN Reno)

Team Activities Chair β€” Thuy Tran (Sacramento State University)

Technology Chair β€” Minh Ton (Orange Coast College ➑️ CSU Long Beach)

Workshops Chair β€” Belen Bravo (UC Los Angeles)

Workshops Chair β€” Zahin Rahman (Sacramento State University)


πŸ’Έ Finance & Fundraising Committee πŸ’Έ

Chair β€” Kevin Ru (UC Los Angeles)

Executive Assistant β€” Alayna Lieu (CSU Fullerton)

District Fundraising Initiatives Ambassador β€” Kevin Lee (CSU Fullerton)

Outreach Chair β€” Kathy Tran (CSU Fullerton)

Resource Coordinator β€” Gloria Rodriguez (Sacramento State University)

Resource Coordinator β€” Robby Chandra (University of San Francisco)


🌲 Kiwanis Family & Foundation Committee 🌲

Chair β€” Roselyn Duong (Sacramento State University)

Executive Assistant/Divisional Liaison (Paradise) β€” Miyu Nakajima (UC San Diego)

Divisonal Liaison (Citrus) β€” Christina Lam (CSU Fullerton)

Divisional Liaison (Central Coast) β€” Jose Padilla (UC Santa Barbara)

Divisional Liaison (Foothill) β€” Hillary Josephine (Pasadena City College)

Divisonal Liaison (Golden Gate) β€” Lawrence Miraflores (Diablo Valley College)

Divisonal Liaison (Metro) β€” Leslie Cheng (UC Los Angeles)

Divisional Liaison (Sunset) β€” Monica Willemsz (San Jose State University)


πŸ“œ Laws & Regulations Committee πŸ“œ

Chair β€” Jennifer Sandoval (Sacramento State University)

Executive Assistant β€” Quan Vandinh (UC Santa Barbara)

Policy Assistant β€” Guy Suankaew (CSU Long Beach)

Policy Assistant β€” Tolby Lam (Golden West College)


🌟 Member Recognition Committee 🌟

Chair β€” Bruce Casenaz (CSU Fullerton)

Executive Assistant β€” Brandon Capulong (Sacramento State University)

Creative Director β€” Wendy Zhang (UC Santa Barbara)

Master Records Sheet Coordinator β€” Winnie Lam (UC Irvine)

Northern Recognition Specialist β€” Angela Wong (Sacramento State University)

Southern Recognition Specialist β€” David Su (Cypress College ➑️ UC Irvine)


🍏 Membership Development & Education Committee 🍏

Chair β€” Braden Lem (UC Los Angeles)

Executive Assistant β€” Randall Belyea (UC Berkeley)

Resources Coordinator β€” Kristoffer Renz Lane (Saddleback College ➑️ CSU Long Beach)

Professional Development Coordinator β€” MarnΓ© Amoguis (UC San Diego)

Executive Assistant/Resources Coordinator β€” Amy Bryant (UN Reno)

Creative Director β€” Cammie Lam (CSU Long Beach)


✏️ Service Committee ✏️

Chair β€” Anna Se (UC Berkeley)

Northern EA β€” Austin Lim (UC Berkeley)

Southern EA β€” Kimberly Hinojos (Orange Coast College)

Member β€” Daisy Rosas (San Francisco State University)

Member β€” Terrie Truong (UN Las Vegas)

Member β€” Hyun Jin Kim (Moorpark College)

Member β€” Jeevan Bhullar (UC Santa Cruz)

Member β€” Nicole Geralde (Moorpark College)

Member β€” Shirley Siu (College of Southern Nevada)


πŸ’» Technology Committee πŸ’»

Chair β€” Chris Lam (UC Los Angeles)

District Website Assistant β€” Jennifer Ly (UC Davis)

District Events Technologist β€” Alvin Nguyen (UC Irvine)

UI/UX Specialist β€” Tate Yeung (Cal Poly SLO)

Data Scientist β€” Stella Liang (CSU Long Beach)

Data Scientist β€” Tiffany Feng (UC Los Angeles)

Software Team β€” Albert Dang (UC Riverside)

Software Team β€” Allison Chu (Irvine Valley College)

Software Team β€” Kristoffer Renz Lane (Saddleback College ➑️ CSU Long Beach)

Software Team β€” Matthew Kim (Pierce College)