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  • Required of all before any purchases.
  • Requester must contact the District Convention Chair for a reference ID.
  • Requester selects who will purchase item and how delivered. Completes form (no blanks) and it is electronically submitted to the District Convention Chair for review and approval.
  • If approved by DCON Chair, forwarded to District Convention Advisor.
  • If approved by DCON Advisor, forwarded to Department Director of Service Leadership Programs.
  • If approved, DDSLP creates Purchase Order, sends to vendor, pays invoice, material delivered to requester.
  • If at any time the request is not approved, please return to requestor with explanation.
  • Remember to attach any artwork or files required by the vendor. Art work must comply with Graphic Standards

Purchases made before a request is approved will not receive reimbursement.
Only the Kiwanis District Secretary or designate is authorized to sign any contract, purchase order or agreement.
No purchases can be made prior to an approved purchase order.
If any errors are made, redo. Do not submit with errors and send with notes listing corrections.