In this post, the District Convention Committee members talk about the process of planning this year\'s DCON, what members can look forward to, overcoming obstacles, and what makes DCON truly special. 

How did you guys come up with the theme \"Farm Fresh Service\"? 

\"When deciding on the DCON theme, the committee formed teams based on the ideas suggested at one of our meetings. I happened to have pitched \"farm\" as a possible theme for convention. It\'s not the obvious choice for a convention theme, but I thought it had potential. Honestly, the main reason why I thought of a farm theme was because I really waned to make a windmill as a prop; however, that doesn\'t make a good story. When building the concept of a farm-themed convention, the feeling the fellow committee members and I wanted from it was one what is wholesome and nostalgic because that\'s a feeling we got from past District Conventions.\"   - Jennifer Hoang, District Convention Chair 

\"We wanted a theme that was versatile for all the different activities going on at DCON and something that clubs could incorporate with their club themes as well. I was actually part of the team that thought up and presented this theme to the committee! I felt that we could do a lot in terms of decorations since we can include all the different animals and types of farms. We felt like this theme was unique since it hasn\'t been done, and yet, it was simple and easy to come up with ideas for the farm theme that could be combined with our positions and promotions.\"  - Helen Nguyen,  Decorations and Souvenirs Co-Chair 

Which DCON workshop is your personal favorite? 

\"Although I\'m sure excited for all of our upcoming workshops, right now I\'m really excited for the Club Publicity workshop! We have two hosts from the Communications and Marketing Committee, Minh Ton and Sandra Cheng, and two hosts from the Technology Committee, Carl Dungca and Alvin Nguyen. Together, they\'ve worked really hard on this workshop, which will cover social media, newsletters, and websites. With their expertise, this workshop will provide a wealth of information and is potentially the most thorough workshop that I have ever seen!\"  - Nora Lovell,  Workshops Co-Chair 

When members think of DCON, workshops and award come to mind. What are some fun activities at DCON that first time attendees may not know about? 

\" There\'s a DJ and dance floor that people really like! There\'s also a really cool video game room and board game room.\"  - Angelica Ubungen, Talent Show Chair 

What were some obstacles you faced wile serving on the DCON Committeee? How did you overcome them? 

\"I have one specific obstacle in mind from several months ago. My position as Graphics & Programs Chair allows for a lot of creative freedom, so there was a lot of experimentation in the beginning with different convention logos. I went through several designs, but was frustrated because they didn’t quite capture the emotion I was envisioning for myself and the convention. I was not content with the direction of the designs and grew increasingly frustrated. I would make edits but was still unhappy with all of them. However, with the help and guidance of my peers, I finally made the decision to start from scratch on a new design. Having spent so much time on the previous design, this decision was hard to make. A few of the committee members and I collected all kinds of sources of inspiration, went through movie posters, paintings, different forms of art and colors we liked. After several drafts, I finally settled on a brand new art style that I loved! In short, my greatest obstacle was actually all the criticism I gave to myself. This ultimately made me frustrated and creatively exhausted. Fortunately, I have the help of the committee to give their fresh take on my designs, as well as offer their emotional support when I most need it!\"  - Aaron Zepeda, Graphics and Programs Chair

\" I think a lot of it was the initial fear of how to navigate being a part of a district committee and even creating promotional content (the theme of farm for my heart racing not going to lie, but it grew on me). In the end everything all fell together, I guess. Everyone in the committee has a really good heart and I was worried for nothing! Honestly for promo content I think adopting the anything goes thought really worked out and I can thank the committee for putting their trust in me and going along with my whims for that. Worrying about things all the time gets to you and the best thing I did for myself was to go along with the flow of things.\"  - Nhi Truong, Slideshows and Promotions Chair 

How has serving on the DCON Committee allowed you to grow as a person? 

\"Overall, I feel that the DCON Committee has given me a new perspective in Circle K. Previously, I had only served on my club\'s board as the social chair, so when I got my first position on a district committee, I was excited. Over the term, I\'ve gotten to meet some of the most hardworking, persevering people I know. I honestly think that being around these people has inspired me to continue to serve this community of ours. I was reminded of why I joined Circle K in the first place and I learned to ideal with plenty of new situations that have occurred while being on this committee. Honestly, I think being on this committee has been an integral part of my growth this past year.\"  - Don Tran, Executive Assistant and Registration Chair 

\"Serving on the DCON committee has allowed to me grow as a person since I was able to utilize this opportunity to improve on my public speaking skills and open my shell even more to meet and work with members that aren’t from my home club or division. I am glad that I took the chance to apply for this position since my time on the committee has been valuable and I got to work alongside amazing individuals.\"    - Kathy Tran, Decorations and Souvenirs Co-Chair                                      

Overall, what do you hope the CNH CKI members get out of DCON? 

\"I hope that members across the district share intimate moments with their club, their fellow board members, and their fellow committee members. DCON to me is a time to celebrate what we were able to do in the term, and reminisce on all the that happened with the people we shared the year with. The weekend is filled to the brim with schedules, workshops, screaming, recognition and more, so I hope that members make the most of what DCON presents and what free time manifests meanwhile.\"  - Braden Lem,  Audio and Visual Chair 

\"I hope that members could come to the self-realization of having been an integral part of the growth that DCON tries to recognize each year. First-time attendees could witness how much bigger Circle K is than just their home clubs. Returning members could reunite with their friends from across the district. Graduating seniors could reflect on how their involvement has impacted their careers in preparation for life after Circle K. Through this event, as a new, returning, or graduating member, you have all the while to establish new connection and memories that last for a lifetime and epitomize your belongingness in the world.\"  - Chris Tran, Sergeant-At-Arms Chair 

\"I hope CNH CKI members are able to take away a special moment from District Convention. Whether it be from making a new friend at a workshop, receiving helpful advice from a professional, being inspired to develop themselves through elections, or bonding with their club by participating in a talent show or cheering during general sessions. District Convention has a lot to offer those who\'re willing to open themselves up to it. During my first District Convention, I was a part of Orange Coast College Circle K and experienced the event as a general member watching new leaders be elected, learning at workshops and even participating in the talent show. Each year I come back for a new experience to leave a mark on my CKI journey. As a club officer I was able to see first hand the struggles my club faced and overcame, then be rewarded for our work at convention. As a district board member last year I was able to help run the event and hear how the work put into the event impacted the members.\"   - Jennifer Hoang, District Convention Chair