Hello hello CNH Circle K!

The District Board elections will be starting this weekend!
-Friday: Executive Board
-Saturday: Lt. Governor.
The Executive Board Caucus will be on Friday, March 27th at 5 PM PST with voting at 8 PM via Youtube Live, while the Lt. Governor Caucus will be on Saturday, March 28th at 12 PM PST with voting at 4 PM via Zoom.
Here are the candidates for the upcoming term!

District Governor:
Andy Nguyen – UC Riverside
Katherine Thy Hoang – UC Irvine

District Secretary:
Amy Bryant – UN Reno
Douglas Shimizu – CSU Fullerton
Ryan Kenneth Tan – Pasadena City College

District Treasurer:
Brandon Dimapasoc – UC Davis
Yeonsoo Kim – Orange Coast College

Central Coast Lt. Governor:
Hyun Jin Kim – Moorpark College

Citrus Lt. Governor:
Caitlyn Oliveras – Irvine Valley College

Desert Oasis Lt. Governor:
Vanessa Meza-Perez – UN Las Vegas

Foothill Lt. Governor:
Emily Reale – Pasadena City College

Metro Lt. Governor:
Matthew Ujemov – El Camino College
Matthew Kim – Pierce College

Paradise Lt. Governor:
Justina Voong – San Diego State University

In addition, the March District Board Meeting will be held tomorrow, March 27th at 12 PM PST on zoom. Finally, the 2019-2020 District Awards Night will be Sunday, March 29th at 8 PM PST on zoom. Here is a very helpful infographic for everything happening this weekend!

For any questions or concerns, please contact the candidates or the 2019-2020 District Board.