Hello Sunny CNH!

Last weekend, the CNH District held its annual Fall Training Conference. This year, members went over to the mountains of Sonora, CA to solve the mystery of a lifetime. With workshops, campfire skits, talent acts, competitive games, and much more, FTC 2019 was packed with activities that helped the district find the culprit! Not only that but this year’s FTC was the perfect place to uncover the tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship! This journey at Old Oak Ranch was one to remember!

For the past six months, FTC chair Olivia Chang and the rest of her committee worked very hard to make this year’s FTC something special. They were very pleased seeing the smiles, joy, and energy that everyone brought to the campsite. Check out what Olivia thought of this year’s amazing experience.

“Fall Training Conference is truly a memorable experience for both new and returning members. From attaining knowledge to cheering your hearts out, thank you for joining me at this year’s weekend investigation!”

Like every FTC, members were able to have a different experience each year. Here’s what UCR’s secretary, Amy Kobayashi, had to say about her experience at FTC 2019!

“When I first went to FTC last year, I had such a fun time, and when I went again this year, I never thought anything would have topped last year’s FTC. For this year’s FTC, I had a completely different experience from last year because I did a lot more things; I was a team captain, did SAA, was in the fashion show, and was an actor in my home club’s skit. It was so fun being able to do all of these different things and I was able to meet so many more people all over the district!”

Lastly, special thanks to Olivia, the FTC Committee, and District Board for giving members a once in a lifetime opportunity to solve the mystery and find the culprit! If you see anyone on the FTC committee around, make sure to congratulate them.

Chair: Olivia Chang
Executive assistants: Aaron Lee and Jonathan Chu
Campfire Skits & Talent Acts: Douglas Shimizu
Decorations (Backdrop and Centerpieces): Alison Ono and Vy Bui
Entertainment & Dining: Maddie Villanueva
Graphics: Nhi Truong
Media: Ralph Gamboa
Program: Tate Yeung
Registration: Jenny Koug
Sergeant-at-Arms: Alicia Sieu
Team Activities: Thuy Tran and Jason Liu
Technology: Minh Ton
Workshops: Kathleen Panganiban and Zahin Rahman

Thank you for attending FTC 2019! We hope you had a spectacular adventure, and we hope to see you next year!