CNH, What’s Good? 

Guess what day it is? That’s right, it’s DOUBLE FEATURE DAY! Today I have not one but TWO articles for you! I hope you enjoy and stay Sunny CNH! 

The Official CNH Podcast – The SunnyCast 

  Do you like to listen to podcasts? Learn more while you are multitasking? Well this week, the CNH District Communications & Marketing committee is proud to announce a new series and platform which CNH Circle K will be taking over – Podcasts! 

  The CNH District SunnyCast is going to be a weekly series, that posts each Monday at 8 AM PST / 6 AM HST and will have the main series “The SunnyCast” produced and hosted by the Communications & Marketing Committee, and additional series provided by CNH District Committees! 

  Tomorrow will be our first release of the SunnyCast, introducing the podcast and getting a feel for what to expect. Your host, me hehe, also calls for suggestions of future segments that you all might want to hear! 

  Already know what you want to hear someone talk about on the CNH District SunnyCast? Be sure to check out the CNH SunnyCast Suggestion Form today! 

  The SunnyCast will be available on ALL major platforms that provide podcasts, so be sure to find it, listen, rate, and share with all your friends! 

Circle K Election Season 2021

  It is the beginning of the new year, which means it’s the beginning of the end of the Circle K Term. Election season in Circle K can range from the Club Board to the International Board, and I wanted to provide some background on what you may want to run for and some tips and tricks that may help those of you who will be running! 

Let’s break down what you can run for: 

At the Club Level, various positions depending on your club. Generally, the main positions that are elected are: 

  • President
    • The chief officer of the home club. This position works on building connections, preparing the club for the future, recruitment, and being a spokesperson to the community, university, division, district, and international! 
  • Vice President
    • Vice President is where we vary between clubs. For some, we have the general Vice President which takes charge of objectives set by the president or governing documents. Then we have some clubs that have a Vice President of administration which will usually oversee the Appointed Board and the process of appointments, with additional duties based on the president/governing documents. Finally, some clubs have a Vice President of Service, which will oversee the planning of service events for the club!
  • Secretary
    • Secretary serves to ensure that all of the club’s records are kept accurately and are reported to the Division, District, and International. They are in charge of the Monthly Report Form (MRF), Master Record Sheet, and duties outlined in the governing documents of your club! 
  • Treasurer
    • The Treasurer is charged with the financial matters of your club and ensuring that your club is working on paper, as well as fundraising, and coordinating various events!

At the Division/District Level, the positions focus on a broader area, working to support multiple clubs in broader geographical areas. These positions include: 

  • Lieutenant Governor
    • The Lieutenant Governor works to support clubs all over a specific division. There are (9) LTGs in the California Nevada Hawaii District, and if you don’t know what division you are in, be sure to reach out to your Club / Division Officers! 
  • District Treasurer 
    •  The District Treasurer works to support the finical proceedings of the California Nevada Hawaii District, while also supporting the Finance and Fundraising Committee for the CNH District. This officer also supports the treasurers of the CNH District and ensure that the dues process is completed throughout the term. 
  • District Secretary
    • The District Secretary aims to support the Secretaries of the Clubs of CNH, as well as maintaining an accurate record of district board meetings, governing documents, and additional records. They work to ensure that secretaries are submitting the MRF, and providing feedback to the secretaries of the CNH District. 
  • District Governor
    • The District Governor oversees the entire CNH District while being a critical liaison and completing duties to Circle K International. They ensure that the District is functioning and progressing. Further, they support presidents of the CNH District and work to better the goals and abilities of the CNH District. 

At the International Level, the positions focus on supporting the District and District Leadership of Circle K International. These positions include: 

  • International Trustee
    • Circle K International has International Trustees that work to support multiple districts throughout Circle K International. These individuals will support various district initiatives and inter-clubbing among the districts. Further, they support Circle K International through serving as liaisons on the Circle K International Committees. 
  • International Vice President 
    • The international Vice President variously supports the International Vice President, as provided by the Governing Documents and by the International President, also, they oversee the various International Committees by setting directives and appointing the International Committee Chairs. 
  • International President
    • The International President oversee the entire Circle K International Organization, serving as the representative for the Organization through the various events and partnership which Circle K International Maintains. The Officer also works to be a visionary for the future functioning and development of Circle K International in its entirety. 

  Now you might be wondering, how do you run for these things? 

  Well, not to pull a cliff hanger but I will point you all to the February 8th episode of the CNH District Podcast, the SunnyCast for more tips and ideas on how to run for positions, how to make a good platform and campaign, and more, featuring your very own District Governor, Kathrine Thy Hoang! 

  I hope you all enjoyed today’s Sunspot and cannot wait for all of you to join us on our new adventure into podcasting with the CNH District Podcast the SunnyCast! 


Stay Sunny CNH! 

Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair