Graphic with the words "Happy Pride CNH"

Hey, What’s Up CNH! 

    This week, we want to take the time to recognize Pride Month! Though it is the end of the month, it is better late than never to ensure that we are all doing our part in educating ourselves and supporting members of our Circle K and greater communities. 

    Pride Month was born in June of 1970, in New York City to commemorate the first anniversary of the “Stonewall Uprising”, the beginning of a long fight for LGBTQIA+/Queer Liberation. The ‘Uprising’ was the first time that the Queer Community fought back against police terrorizing, raiding, and arresting tenants at many known ‘gay’ bars (Stonewall in this instance) throughout New York, and the USA at the time. From then on riots, protests, and the fight for the aforementioned Queer Liberation Movement sparked throughout the USA. 

    It is ADDITIONALLY vital to remember and recognize the contributions that BIPOC, Lesbian, Trans, Drag Queens, Queer Youth, and Gender Non-Conforming individuals had on the movement, as they are often forgotten. 


    Even though Pride Month is coming to a close, there are still ways that we can contribute to support, uplift, and educate on matters of the Queer experience and we as an organization can continually support these communities. 


    For ways to educate yourself on various areas regarding the queer experience, see the following: 


    And these are just the beginning, be sure to continually seek out ways to support and uplift members of the queer community, especially those which fall in the intersections of the Queer and BIPOC identities. 


    For ways to support queer communities, try out the following: 

  • Host discussions and uplift queer-identifying members of the community! 
    • Invite members of the community to learn about how to be a better ally, understand the history of the community, and continue to support those who are fighting for equal rights even today. 
  • Host fundraisers for organizations that are supporting the queer community in liberation. 
    • Many organizations are fighting for equal rights for Queer and Trans people every day, and can use the help! Some organizations to look out for are: The Trevor Project, The Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, and many more! 
  • Educate yourself and others on issues the Queer Community Faces today. 
    • It is more than obvious now to be able to be aware of the issues that the queer community faces, and being able to be a voice to stand up and fight against instances of homophobia, transphobia, and injustice is vital in the fight for liberation! 


    Further, below are resources for those in the community who may need extra help along the way: 


    With that, I hope each of you continues to educate yourselves on the ways that we can better support members of the Queer Community, and that you always remember that Pride began as a protest against police brutality on Queer members of our society. 


Happy Pride Everyone!

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair