(TW: S-xual V-olence and Related Matters)

Hello CNH,

    Today’s Sunspot focuses on a subject matter that is very sensitive for some and, truthfully, not enough for others. Sexual Violence (aka Assault, Abuse, Harassment, etc.) can take on many forms, and has become a prominent issue recently, not because it is a new problem in society – but due to having been brushed under the rug, invalidated, and gone ignored time and time again. The CNH Circle K District wants to reaffirm values in working toward the betterment of society, and this subject matter is one that they aim to improve in, to ensure that instances of Sexual Violence and related matters are proactively and adequately resolved, unlike times past. 


    This shifts our focus to the ways that we, as the CNH Circle K District, can contribute through our clubs to eliminate cases of Sexual Violence, as well as educate ourselves about aspects of Sexual Violence to help in any way we can. 


    To learn more about what ‘Sexual Violence’ is, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWctQH4C0P8

    For resources on Sexual Violence, check out this link: https://linktr.ee/SVR2020


    These resources are only as helpful as being able to utilize them and implement them into our clubs to improve the ways that our organization can deal with instances such as this. Being able to incorporate these resources, additionally, will allow for a safe space to develop for survivors of Sexual Violence and ensure that we no longer are complacent in instances of Sexual Violence. 


    For ways to incorporate this subject matter into your Circle K Club & life check out the following: 

  • Host discussions/workshops/training on Sexual Violence, and related aspects.
    • Being able to learn the signs of Sexual Violence, how to be a better support system for survivors, tactics for intervention, and also knowing the resources available to survivors – will allow for an increase in awareness and support to survivors. 
    • Be sure to utilize your University ‘Title IX’ as well as other on-campus and community resources and organizations. 
  • Implement and advocate for ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policies for your club, University, and affiliated organizations. 
    • This can take on various forms, though will ensure for Survivors of Sexual Violence that they can come to a safe space in our clubs, that do not glorify or allow the perpetrator to continue to be present. Don’t know how to implement this? Be sure to check out the doc above, or contact the Laws and Regulations Committee! 
  • Focus Service Events on Sexual Violence Organizations
    • Working with Campus, Community, State, and National Organizations that aid survivors of Sexual Violence give back to organizations that are often underserved, as well as creates a dialogue about the issues within the club. 
  • Host Fundraising Events for Sexual Violence Organizations
    • Whether they advocate for policy that expands resources to survivors or are organizations that provide resources to the survivors – raising funds for these organizations is vital to continue to bring awareness and create spaces where survivors are comfortable and able to speak out and seek the help they need.
  • Educate yourself on how to be a better ally to those who have been effected
    • There are so many intricate parts that go into being an ally to those who have been affected by Sexual Violence, that range from knowing the signs & resources, to language that is more cognizant of instances of Sexual Violence. Be sure to check out the resources provided above to learn more! 


    The aforementioned examples only touch on a few of the many ways we can improve as an organization, but simple changes can be effective in the process of dismantling the culture of complacency or the invalidation of survivors concerning Sexual Violence. 


    We hope you learned a little more about Sexual Violence and how we as an organization can work to combat instances such as this within our organization, our communities, and the world. 


Yours in Passion & Service

Aaron Piña


20/21 External Relations Chair