Happy Black Friday CNH!

While we hope you’re having fun getting your gifts for the holidays, it’s time to end off Kiwanis Family Month with Circle K! Let’s dive deeper into this amazing organization that has touched all of our lives!

This week, we will be spotlighting our very own District Governor, Wayne Cheng, as well as Pasadena City College’s Kiwanis Family Chair, Emily Reale!

Wayne Cheng oversees all 21 District board officers, serves as the main liaison between CKI and other branches within the Kiwanis Family, and helps the district connect with the International levels of Circle K. This year, he is helping the district focus on improving service efforts, increasing membership, and developing internal communications.

Wayne has always been a huge part of our CNH family. He has been very active in SFSU CKI since his freshman year. From being his club’s secretary and apart of the Laws and Regulations Committee in 2017-2018, District Secretary last term, and now District Governor, Wayne has made our district something special!

Kiwanis Family Chairs are a huge part CNH, serving as liaisons between Circle K, and other six branches of the Kiwanis Family. Emily Reale from PCC has done an amazing job improving the relations between her club, and the rest of Kiwanis. She also has been doing a wonderful job at promoting PCC’s annual Go West, which we’re all looking forward to! Thank you, Emily, for everything you do for PCC and the Kiwanis Family!!

District Govenor Wayne Cheng

Pasadena City College Kiwanis Family Chair, Emily Reale