For Facebook

  • Utilize profile pictures and cover photos
    • Use them to promote events
    • Stick with the event theme
    • Include the CKI logo

For Instagram

  • Update with meaningful posts
  • Post photos to advertise large events, weekly events, welcome week, etc.
  • Can also post photos while events are occurring
  • Create hashtags for events
  • Possibly present something at physical tabling to be hashtagged later on for prizes/raffle
  • Create a countdown series of posts leading up to an event or activity

For Twitter

  • Create and use hashtags for events or activities
  • Post meeting reminders or event reminders (EX: Meeting today at room __!)
  • Live-update large events, such as at DCON

For Snapchat

  • Create and use Geofilters
  • Creating “Our/Live Stories”
  • Create a Snapchat for your club for easy, quick updates
    • Easy way for members to stay updated by following the account
    • Make sure to consistently post
  • Members can send snapchats to the account
    • Quick and easy way to motivate members to get involved and contribute their memories and experiences to the club

Emailing List

  • Send out updates and reminders when events/meetings are
  • Recap meetings or events with weekly or monthly newsletters
    • Helpful for those who cannot attend meetings or certain events but want to stay updated

Club Website

  • Have a calendar of events with relevant descriptions and contact info for the events
    • Even better if members/potential members can sign up to attend the event on the calendar
    • Make sure to follow up and contact those who sign up!
  • Provide information about your club and Circle K, resources, forms, and contact information
    • Remember, the website should be easy to understand and useful to both potential and current members! (EX: Put yourself in the shoes of a new student who’s looking up what clubs to join)

Text reminder system

  • EXAMPLE: CSU Long Beach has an automated text reminder system for all events. Members who sign up will receive reminders of the event a few days before and the day of.


  • Sends out quick group notifications/messages to those subscribed
    • Great for club board, committees, and large scale service projects


  • Informational – more focused on distributing information
  • Promotional – more focused on being aesthetically-appealing and drawing people in

Infographics/Digital Posters

  • If you don’t have access to Adobe Illustrator or other graphic design softwares, try Canva (free, web-based graphic tool)
  • Rules of thumb:
    • Don’t use fonts initially installed on your computer – you should only e using 2-3 fonts on one flyer
    • Don’t use complementary colors with background and type
    • Generally avoid complementary color schemes; they distract from the main information
  • Refer to the Creative Marketing Resource Guide
  • Encourage current members to share/repost/retweet!

Important Note: It’s not necessary to utilize all these different platforms. Pick and choose the platforms that work best for the members and size of your club. Make sure to have enough.

The key to social media is consistency! If it’s too much for a club’s public relations or technology chair to handle, consider opening up a subcommittee position as a social media coordinator to assist you in scheduling posts and keeping the club updated.

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