The following is a list of materials you should consider preparing for tabling sessions. This list is only a suggestion and meant to give you inspiration, tips, and advice, so feel free to adapt it to fit your club and budget.

1. Flyers

  • TIP: Always have more fliers than you think you’ll need!
  • TIP: Print quarter or half pages. Only showcase the big picture and most important information, such as main reasons to join, Facebook or email contacts, meeting times, etc.
  • TIP: Post them up in elevators, bulletin boards in the residence halls, by dining commons, laundry rooms, etc (with permission).
  • IDEA: Utilize the District Communications & Marketing graphic request form to have appealing and attention-catching graphics!

2. Club banner (bonus: awards from DCON)

3. Tri-Fold/Posters

  • IDEA: Interactive props or posters at the table will bring people into the booth, and if they can take photos of or with them, it will help them remember CKI in their photo rolls.

4. Sign up/Contact information sheets (virtual preferred)

  • TIP: Remember to charge all your electronics beforehand, but make sure to have backup physical sign up sheets and pens ready just in case.
  • TIP: Have multiple tablets and laptops ready to avoid creating lines for people to sign up.

5. Slideshow/Promotional video playing on a tablet or laptop

  • TIP: Can make your organization stick out and look more professional

6. Scrapbook or mementos from previous year

  • IDEA: Display club, division, and district shirts from past years! (UN Reno)

7. Incentive Items (ex: candy, prizes, raffle tickets)

  • IDEA: Give out a raffle item during tabling, and mention the drawing will take place at general meeting as an incentive for them to check the club out!
  • IDEA: Give out plastic spoons with numbers on them at the table to act as raffle tickets. Have a raffle drawing with the numbers at meetings to win free ice cream. (CSU Fullerton/CSU Long Beach)
      • IDEA: Get a raffle wheel to add as an activity at the table
      • IDEA: Let potential members hit the CKI bell with the gavel if they write down their name and information

      9. Canopy/tent

      • TIP: Check if your school/student government will provide your club with one!

      10. Table cloth and CKI logo

      • IDEA: Check discount stores and dollar stores for cheap alternatives. This is an easy way to make the table look more appealing and clean.

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