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   Welcome to Member Recognition Mondays: New Member November Edition!  Each month, Lt. Governors will nominate a member who embodies the prompt of the month.  This week, we will spotlight members from Magic Kingdom, Metro, and Paradise!

   FTC has passed and many of us are still feeling major withdrawals.  Many members acknowledge FTC to be a defining moment in their Circle K experience.  FTC is an event in which we induct members into our Circle K family and we want to celebrate these new members!  This month, we asked Lt. Governors to spotlight a new member who has been heavily involved in the various levels of Circle K.  Read their nomination statements below:


Magic Kingdom: Julie Quan, Orange Coast College

Fresh out KIWIN’S, Julie immediately took the opportunity to become one of OCC’s Historians. From there on, she has done her best to help her club out and attend divisional events!


Metro: La Shay Cash, CSU Dominguez Hills

Although he is new member, La Shay has already proven to be an outstanding leader. Upon arriving, he quickly became active and took on a leadership role in CSUDH Circle K’s board when many were still deciding if the club was right for them. La Shay has proven to be an outstanding new member because of his go-getter attitude and unique sense of humor!


Paradise: Olivia Mercado, Grossmont College

Olivia stands out for her involvement. Olivia is new to the Paradise Division and she is already re-chartering the Circle K club at Grossmont College. She has a passion to serve others and is such a hard worker. Her journey with the Kiwanis family began in builders club and continued on into Circle K. Despite being new she is not shy about getting involved, Olivia continues to involve herself in multiple opportunities at different levels of Circle K. 


   Thank you to these members for their dedication to Circle K!  We hope that you continue to pursue your passion for this organization and we hope to see you inspire future generations of Circle K-ers.   Make sure to go to the Facebook post and let them know how amazing they are.  While you’re at it, tag a new member from these divisions who stands out for their involvement in CKI.  Let us know why they inspire you and check in next week when we spotlight November Members of the Month from across the district! 🙂


With Love,

The 2016-2017 District Member Recognition Committee



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