Hello, service leaders! This section is focused on the importance of meaningful service and breaks down exactly what Circle K International defines service as! It is always important to give back, but by giving a purpose behind the projects we do, we can really appreciate what we have done and see the impact to the community or area around us.

  • How do we define service?


      • A voluntary act is one for which no payment is received for service rendered.
      • In order to be considered a service hour, time spent benefitting another organization must be for an organization that is nonprofit or charitable.
      • Service is an act of helping others in a meaningful and impactful way in order to better oneself and their community
      • Time spent impacting the community in a positive way

  • What is a service hour?


      • For a member to receive service hours for a service project, the event must have been properly advertised to the entire club as a Circle K affiliated event. Every member must have had the opportunity to sign up to attend the event, within the reasonable capacity limits established.
      • Planning Hours: Only for service projects that are planned from scratch
      • Traveling Hours: none

  • How can we make service more meaningful?


    • Think about who we are benefitting, and why we are doing it
    • How you are making a positive impact on your community and your Circle K members
    • Evaluate the quality of your service rather than quantity
    • Have a goal
    • Ask yourself if the people you are helping will be benefitted
    • Think outside the box to try to do something meaningful and unique
    • Ask yourself: Will this event make others want to do service again? Will this event help the community better themselves?
    • Evaluate before and after your event to see what kind of impact your event made and if it truly was meaningful or not

The most important question to ask is Why Do We Serve? We are all brought together by this organization to give back and better our community and the lives around us. We serve to improve the world we live in and do what some cannot do for themselves. Keep this in mind as you are volunteering and invite the members of your club to think about this as well. After each project, reflect on the work you have done and discuss the impact, no matter how big, you have all contributed to. Ask members how they felt about it and what messages they have taken out. Remember the service is not for you, it is for the community and for the people or place you are serving. Work to what they need and give back in the way that will help them the most. Be open to changes if what you originally planned to do does not work for them and enjoy what you are doing! THAT is what meaningful service is all about.

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