Until district convention

Welcome Ghosts and Ghouls

Come and celebrate a spooktacular years worth of accomplishments this March 17th-19th 2017 at the Riverside Convention Center! DCON is to give recognition to our Circle K members who went above and beyond in any of our three tenets: service, leadership, and fellowship. This haunting weekend will also include:

  • Electing new leadership to build the foundation for the upcoming year
  • Attending educational workshops to gain important skills to bring back and share with their respective clubs
  • Participating in an on-site service project
  • Honoring graduating members during our Honors Reception
  • Meeting a variety of career professionals during our Professional Exposition
  • Interacting with and build lasting friendships with Circle K members from across the District
  • ...And so much more!

So join us at one of our district’s largest events and summon the spirit to this thrilling weekend! Check out our website for all our #spooky details.

Attending DCON

Please contact your club president to attend DCON. Early registration, which costs $145 per member, is due on February 1st and regular registration, which costs $190 per member, is due on February 15th. This year, each school will be allocated 30 attendee slots at DCON. The rest may be placed on a waitlist but don\'t let that discourage you as we will let members off the waitlist once all registration has been received! All attendees must fill out a Code of Conduct and a Waiver.

Applications & Forms

Attendee Forms

DCON Registration

Applications & Misc. Forms

Media Intern Application

Candidate Materials


Sienna Serrano
DCON Chair
UC Irvine
Emails from Financial Aid are spooky

Emily Wong
Executive Assistant
UC Irvine
Life is spooky

Andrew Thai
UC San Diego
When Sienna Serrano is mad she's spooky

Biancka Dela Cruz
UC Irvine
Dolls, ghosts, and finals are spooky

Tiffany Huynh
UC Irvine
The future is spooky

Angelica Ubungen
UC Riverside
College tuition is spooky

Annie Tran
Honors Reception
CSU Fullerton
Absolute darkness and silence are spooky

Andy Nguyen
CSU Fullerton
Sienna Serrano is spooky

Jonathan Dwyer
UC Riverside
Starbucks is spooky

Wayne Cheng
Dolls are spooky

Jonathan Htike
Talent Show
UC Irvine
Spider and baloons are spooky...not to mention spider balloons!

Kristian Balmes
VIP Host
UC Irvine
Large, dark spaces are spooky

Lili Labaco
Howling wind and abandoned alleyways are spooky

Yen Vo
Orange Coast College
The cemetery I live across is spooky


How much does DCON cost?

Early Registration, due by February 1st will cost $145 per member. After that date, the registration price will rise to $190 per member. Registration closes on February 15th.

How many SAAs does my club need?

Each club will be expected to register a minimum of 2 SAAs, plus an additional SAA for every four members that attend. Review the SAA form for more detailed information.

Can my club sell merchandise/fundraise at DCON?

Yes, on Saturday night.

How many attendees can I bring to DCON?

Each school will be allocated space for 30 attendees, not including members of the DCON committee, Circle K International representatives, district board members, VIPs, and advisors. Further members wishing to attend will be placed on a waitlist.

Are meals included in the price?

Yes, attendees will be provided three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

What happens if I arrive late to DCON?

Registration closes at 12AM, but will reopen the next day at 6AM. You will be able to find housing locations posted on the door to the lobby.