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Fall Training Conference 2019: Behind the Mystery

November 10, 2019

Hello Sunny CNH! Last weekend, the CNH District held its annual Fall Training Conference. This year, members went over to the mountains of Sonora, CA to solve the mystery of a lifetime. With workshops, campfire skits, talent acts, competitive games, and much more, FTC 2019 was packed with activities that…

Fall Training Conference 2019 Pre-depature Tips and Tricks

October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween CNH! We are one day away from FTC 2019, and we are very excited to see you all there! Be sure to be packed and ready for an amazing weekend! Here are some tips to make it your best weekend yet! -Meet one person from each…

Behind the Scenes | District Convention 2019

March 21, 2019

In this post, the District Convention Committee members talk about the process of planning this year\'s DCON, what members can look forward to, overcoming obstacles, and what makes DCON truly special.  How did you guys come up with the theme \"Farm Fresh Service\"?  \"When deciding on the DCON theme, the committee formed…

Why I Serve

February 22, 2019

This article is a submission by a CNH Circle K member. If you would like to submit content, please refer to this link:  Name: Alyssa Lew  Pronouns: She/Her  School: UC San Diego  Division: Paradise Division  Current Leadership Role: UC San Diego CKI Service Chair  Favorite Tenet of Circle K: Service  Volunteering and doing community…

February/March Theme | Personal Growth

February 22, 2019

Each month, we announce the new theme for The Sunspot, and feature a variety of content (articles, artwork, photography, etc.) that is related to the specific theme. Here, Sunny, our beloved CNH Circle K mascot, announces the theme for the month of February/March.    Name: Sunny Pronouns: They/Them  School: N/A Division: N/A Current…


January 29, 2019

SUNNY SPOTLIGHT: Mlou Aquino Sunny Spotlight is a series in which Sunny interviews a member from CNH Circle K International. If you would like to be interviewed (or would like to nominate a friend to be interviewed), email with the subject line INTERVIEW.  Name: Mlou Aquino  Pronouns: They/Them  School: CSU Long Beach  Division: Metro Division Current…

January Theme | INCLUSIVITY

January 7, 2019

At the beginning of every month, we announce the new theme for The Sunspot, and feature a variety of content (articles, artwork, photography, etc.) that is related to the specific theme. Here, Sunny, our beloved CNH Circle K mascot, announces the theme for the month of January. Name:…

Introduction to The Sunspot

October 16, 2018

Name: Joanne Kim Pronouns: She/Her  School: CSU Long Beach Divison: Metro Division Current Leadership Role: CNH CKI Sunspot Editor Previous Leadership Role: CSU Long Beach CKI Historian (2017-2018) Favorite Tenet of Circle K: Fellowship  Hello there! It’s Joanne Kim, your new Sunspot Editor for the 2018-2019 term! For those of you that are not familiar with…

What is The Sunspot?

The Sunspot is Cal-Nev-Ha Circle K International's district blog, and it aims to represent the various perspectives of the individuals that make up the organization. The blog features a variety of content including, but not limited to, written articles, interviews, photography, and artwork. All members of CNH Circle K are highly encouraged to contribute to The Sunspot. As we like to say, The Sunspot is made for the members by the members! 

Who is Sunny?

Sunny is the beloved mascot for Cal-Nev-Ha Circle K International and the main inspiration behind this blog. Sunny loves everything that Circle K International stands for,  such as helping our communities, learning important life skills, and forming friendships with people from a various backgrounds! It is our hope that The Sunspot captures Sunny's never-ending optimism and jovial spirit. 

Timeline of Sunspot Editors:

2017-2018 | Mlou Aquino

2018-2019 | Joanne Kim 

All graphics for The Sunspot were created by the graphic designers from the CNH Circle K Communications and Marketing Committee. We would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication in fulfilling graphic requests not only for The Sunspot, but also for members from all over the district. If you ever see them around, give them a shout out to let them know their efforts are appreciated!